Codename Sirius Co-Op sounds like The Division

by Ana Lopez

Much to no one’s surprise, The witcher is far from over. Some huge revelations from 2022 hinted that the future looks bright for the fantasy series, with remakes and original titles in the pipeline for Geralt and his posse.

The upcoming game with the codename Sirius is a highly immersive title developed by The Molasses Flood with support from CD Projekt RED. It promises an immersive single-player experience alongside the ability to expand into multiplayer.

The Witcher: Codename Sirius seems to have co-op

New job postings have revealed some interesting details about the mysterious forthcoming Codename Sirius game inside The witcher franchise. It appears to include some sort of co-op mode for players to join.

A Reddit post has collected all of CD Projekt RED’s feature descriptions and revealed all possible information. If you’re making money, these lists revealed a class system, multiple game modes, cinematic storytelling, and more.

The most interesting, Sirius is seeking staff with experience developing for co-op and PvE experiences, indicating the title could introduce a new mode to the series that will allow Witchers to fight side-by-side.

Is code name Sirius actually The Witcher’s Division?

With a co-op and PvE system appearing to be on the way, players have been pointing out something – isn’t this actually the case? The division? Given that the Molasses Flood developed The flame in the flood and Drake hollow with a focus on crafting and exploring, we have an idea of ​​how things could go.

It certainly looks like that, only with more swordplay than gunfire in the distance – and it could be a very interesting addition to the mythos of The witcher.

A cooperative Witcher experience is something fans haven’t really thought about since the jumps from fantasy series to multiplayer have been defined by the likes of World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls online.

If CDPR pulls this off, it could very well work with an IP as strong as The witcher. Whatever comes of it Codename Siriusthere is one thing we know, and that is to expect the unexpected.

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