Charandas Krit Jivabhagat Umaav – Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

Prasad of Bhajan -Dr. Be strong

Morarshishya was very famous for Jivabhagat. He was well versed in Veda Vidya as well as the practices of other religions. Resident of Tankara, but more time near Khambhalida Gurugadi. Morar Saheb’s discipleship was worth living. On the throne of Khambhalida, after Morarsaheb, Agradas and then Charandas came to hold the throne. He greatly developed the Khambhalida station. 2 Visasaheb and Morar Saheb tombs were restored.
Charandas himself was also a creator. He was a worshiper of Advaita. His ambition set a great ideal. His Guru Stutiko Anga is a part of it. In Kundaliya, Duha, Chhappa and Chopai Bandh, he was constantly demonstrating his eloquence through rhyme and alliteration. He was also touched by the Gurubhakti of Jivabhagat. Jivadas had no hesitation in establishing his place anywhere. Khambhalida’s Gurudwara is its Sadhana Bhoomi. In Tankara, he won 2nd in Bhan, 2nd in Mora and 2nd in Mora. He has depicted the personality and sadhana siddhi of all the three Gurus maintaining complete neutrality. His deep studies and Ph.D. Dr. who prepared the dissertation for the degree. Prof. Bhavesh Jetapiya has preserved all the official details.
He has given expression to the realization of his path of enlightenment by writing two verses in the Kakka form. He was constantly active in Yoga Sadhana, Sahitya Sadhana and Bodh Prabodhana. He also recited the stations consciously while preserving Gurusmriti. A sadhaka who is Sadhanat, a student of Veda-Vedanga, can gain by understanding the Sadhana and study-knowledge of others. While reading the Umaav of Jivabhagat, one gets to know about the journey of both of them to the universe of knowledge. The crowd enjoyed it.
Jogi Jivo Jivandasji, Bhajanananda B2P
Atho paho2 in joy, in Nenu var2se noo2. …1
Dharana Sadguru’s abode, Garva Guna Bhanda2
Exhalation equanimity, name mora by mouth. …2
Sheel Santoshai Nirmala, 2 Mata Ash Nirash
In ponchya pada nirvana, sad again from the world. …3
Well done 2nd service, full shift tech
One of the unceasing worship of the true Sadguru Dev… 4
Gurubhai Gambhi2 Ati, Guru Bhakta Gunavant
In the matter of Prem Preet, Samge Wi2la Sant…P
आट2 द्वर्ष्य experienced, indriyajit past
In the word Ahonish Satguru, there is complete conviction. …6
Ochintanna Uthiya, Ponchya East Dham
Taken with Sadguru, named Nishrchal… 7
In the flood of Kaal river, Muja placed V2
I tied my waist, and I did not support it. …8
Come immediately, baby’s rest
Think of the promise of ours, Janam Sangathi Shaam…9
Care taken from the manhi, the arrows of the slain
Nene v2se ni2 bahu, understand that. …10
Come early, Pritam know Preet
Take out the net, keep our 2. …11
To show by saying, parenting
Vrehni thay vedana, 2at day dawn and dusk. …12
Sang Tana Guna Sambhare, to meet Kalpe Manna
There are so many things in this world, my life is blessed… 13
Mani sapane Sang Jayam, Hal2 wooden hands
Consider me like that, sir. …14
Satavadi Shura Khara, Samju Sacha Shen
Satguru was an expert in the word Wicha2. …1p
Dear brother, welcome to you
Night and day not twenty-two, Valap Bhi2yan Ven. …16
Spending the day swinging, let’s take it out
Neh Nibhayo Ni2mlo, Jeevan Janam Sangath. …17
Forget the future, don’t forget the future, brother
At last, we broke off our engagement. …18
Set your mind like this, remove the pain
In Charandas Chitta Charan, 2kho aap hajoo2. …19
Introducing the saintly personality of Jivabhagat, Charanasaheb writes in a friendly, friendly Gurubandhu Jogi address. The eight Prah2-Aharnish blissful, radiating through the eyes, the storehouses of Guna, with vital breaths, remember only Sadguru Morasaheb. Jeevasaheb, having a serene, contented and serene personality, attained nirvana.
Being a devotee of the Guru, you worshiped the Sadguru unceasingly, conquering the senses, absorbed in the remembrance of the Guru, and suddenly left for the eastern country. In the course of time, I will leave the notes alone? Don’t wait. Send me the rest of my love now.
Think how much our company was. My heart is cut and my eyes are full of tears from the arrow of the sun. Get me out of here by removing my bag. Who should I express your love to now? I feel the pain of your loss every day. The time spent with you is cherished. I have a deep desire in my heart. My life is blessed. You were my rock. Adha was 2. As Mani and Sarpa have permanent association-Aadha2. Am you
were for me.
O Gurubandhu, I feel a great longing to embrace you. Your loved ones never forget. The day is over, but the day is over in 2 hours. You maintained a cordial relationship with me. The future has to be endured. At last, you broke off all engagements and left. O Sadguru Morarsaheb, purify my heart and remove the sorrow. Charandasane – Place the mind in your feet. You are real, everything.
Charandas has weaved at great length the proud personality of a scholar and a pure hearted soul in Umava 2chana. The expression of pure love and pure spirit of the saint detached from the world is unique and prominent in this tradition.

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