Chaos at Mumbai’s Diwa railway station: Clashes between two groups of tourists

by Ana Lopez

(from our representative)
Mumbai: As the temperature rises day by day, people’s temperature will also rise at the railway station, as a result of which there was a fight recently at a station of the Central Railway while trying to catch a local train. In the brawl between the two groups, two tourists were severely beaten up by the mob and people criticized it after the video went viral. The incident is said to have taken place at Diwa railway station on Monday. On Monday morning (at 7.10 am), after Karjat CSMT local train reached Diwa station, there was a brawl between passengers getting off and boarding the train. However, there was a dispute between the people who blocked the gate after the tourists had trouble boarding. The dispute escalated and resulted in a fight between the tourists. In the viral video, it was also seen that a mob was punching and kicking only one youth, while another youth was also being severely beaten by four or five people. Both the youths were beaten by the people till they became half-witted. In a 45-second viral video, a young man was seen separating people by falling in the middle. No further details have been received from the Railway Administration on this issue yet.
In Mumbai Suburban, especially during peak hours, boarding and alighting of local trains, along with blocking of seats and doors, are more frequent, hence the most fights. CSMT local trains from Khopoli, Karjat, Badlapur (long distance) during rush hours at congested railway stations especially at Dombivli, Diwa, Mumbra, Thane and Mulund etc. in Central Railway have a high level of such disputes, so there is a need to run more local trains. Locals said that the problem will be solved. However, after the beating video of Diwa station went viral, people also condemned the brutal beating of youths in ordinary cases.

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