Caution..! If you take care of these things while going to study abroad you will not be a victim of fraud

by Ana Lopez

Tips to Study Abroad : The first choice of Indian students who want to study abroad are universities in America, Canada, UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Study Abroad: A large number of Indians are getting education from foreign universities A student’s dream is Those who have money go easy but because the financial condition of the family is not good, the dreams of many are shattered. Some students are unwitting victims of cheating. In this scam, we are drawing your attention to those points, which can save you from being scammed. With a little care, you too can survive.

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By the year 2022, about 13 lakh Indian students are studying abroad. They are spread over 80 countries, but America, Canada, UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia and UK are their favorite destinations. About 78 percent of Indian students study in these 6 countries. It is expected that this number may reach 18 lakh by next year. There is a lot of craze as studying abroad is considered good from career point of view.

Increased fraud due to commissions

  • Nowadays there is a lot of commission in education in the country and abroad.
  • A large number of students take admission in foreign universities through the commission model.
  • Some universities pay more money to agents for admission here.
  • There are very few career counselors in the country, who provide unbiased admissions.
  • Many a times counselors get admitted to common institutions in the greed of higher commissions.
  • This scam needs to be avoided. With a little care, you can avoid it.

Keep these important precautions before applying

  1. Before taking admission decide which country and which university to take admission.
  2. QS ranking helps in deciding the university. It is very simple and great tool to avoid fraud.
  3. In foreign countries the system is still very transparent, so contact the university directly.
  4. Go to the website. Understand their admission process. Then apply.
  5. You will be connected to the university as soon as you apply.
  6. Apart from direct fees during the conversation, ask for hidden charges.
  7. Also understand the fee in pieces. For example, university fees, living expenses etc.
  8. If you follow this procedure, there is a good chance that you can avoid being scammed.
  9. Try connecting with some alumni online. No one gives better feedback than that.
  10. If you are taking admission through an agent, check whether the firm is registered as an agent of the university on its website.
  11. If it is not registered on the website, leave immediately as it may be a scam.
  12. Since agents get commission amount in dollars, in this case thousand dollars means you lose 80 thousand.

Indian students going abroad to study is not a new thing. Earlier only children from rich families could go abroad, now even families with normal financial status are sending them abroad. Earlier America, Britain were the choice of the rich. His aim was to get a degree from Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge. Now there are good number of Indian students in countries like Canada, Australia.

Due to the population in India, there are not enough facilities for studies anymore. 12-15 lakh students try for MBBS but only one lakh get admission. Young people return from many countries doing MBBS for less than what they get for doing MBBS in private medical colleges.

There are many coaching classes that help students in admission

It is taking the form of an industry due to the increase in the number of students willing to study abroad. A coaching institute has opened, which offers coaching for admissions abroad. Those who help with admissions and provide information about foreign universities are also available. All these windows are open as a source of earning money.

The number of students going abroad may increase by next year

A total of 7.70 lakh Indian students went abroad in the year 2019, according to Radseer, a research institute that focuses on higher education abroad. Out of which 2.20 lakh went to Canada. 2.02 lakh chose America and 1.43 lakh went to Australia. Most of the students went for PG. In which 12% from Punjab-Andhra Pradesh, 11% from Maharashtra, 8% from Gujarat, 7% from Tamil Nadu, 5% from Karnataka and rest of the country 45% students went abroad. This number is constantly increasing. Reports say that this number will cross 18 lakh by next year.

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