Can Oscar awards be sold or…? How much rupees will get in compensation?

by Ana Lopez

The Oscar Award is considered the most valuable award in the film industry and carries a distinct dignity. Apart from this we are going to talk about one fact related to this award here and this rule i.e. this award cannot be sold. This award has its own specialty and for this reason some strict laws have been made regarding it. There are various confusions in people’s minds and one of them is that if a person wins an Oscar award, can he sell this Oscar award? How much compensation can one get in return if one sells the Oscar award?
Talking about the Oscar award, first of all people have an illusion that this entire trophy is made of gold. But in fact it is not so. This Oscar award is made of bronze and overlaid with a layer of 24-carat gold. Now hearing all this you may think that the price of this award should be very high for this reason only. So here is the solution to your confusion or question. It costs 1000 dollars i.e. about 82 thousand rupees to make an Oscar award. This award is 13.5 inches long and weighs 450 grams. But as per the rules laid down this award cannot be sold.
These award shows are given on some of the best performances and a benchmark has been set for them. This award cannot be measured in money. If an Oscar winner tries to sell his award, he is immediately called by the Academy’s legal team and told that none of the Oscar trophies can be sold and that only one person has the first right to sell them, and that is the organization. The Academy itself. That means if an artist wants to sell this award, he can sell it only to the Academy and for that he will get only 10 dollars i.e. 820 rupees. In such a situation, the Academy emphasizes that the purpose of the award is not to make money but to promote talent and hence this major award is not for sale….

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