Call of Duty YouTuber criticized for homophobic diatribe

by Ana Lopez

A popular one Duty content creator has been criticized by the community after he launched a homophobic diatribe targeting the LGBTQ+ flags within War zone 2 and Modern warfare 2.

The anonymous self-proclaimed War zone hacker hunter “Call of Shame” has taken to Twitter to invite Activision. This rant is directed at the publisher for not allowing the “bacon lettuce and tomato” pride flags to be censored.

The online attack on the LGBTQ+ flags started because the YouTuber believes that “Christians and Muslims” should not be exposed to Pride “nonsense” and that “snowflakes” cannot handle these opinions.

Call Of Shame criticized for homophobic diatribe about Pride flags

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The YouTuber, who is already a controversial figure in the industry after their content has been accused of witch-hunting innocent players, called on Activision to deploy a switch to allow players to turn off viewing LGBTQ+ content.

However, their progress have since been slammed by the community, which has rallied behind the Pride flags. “Maybe if you got good at the game and stopped getting busted by gay guys all the time, wouldn’t this be such a big deal to you?” said one fan on Twitter.

Another added, “How fragile do you have to be manhood to get mad about Pride flags in a video game? LMAO stay crazy loser.” A third concluded, “The sad little baby man can’t handle being worse on MW2 than strange people.”

LGBTQ+ allies rally behind Pride flags in Call of Duty

Others also pointed out that the robot alias also chose to target people’s “opinions”, but chose to offend the LGBTQ+ community. “Outraged by rainbow flags but calling on everyone to snowflakes lol,” another fan added.

Many pointed out that characters within the Duty franchise are openly gay. Chief Kate Laswell of the Modern warfare 2 campaign is in marriage with an unnamed woman while the Prophet is out Black Ops 4 was also gay.

The YouTuber has since doubled down on his stance, claiming, “If my post offends you, too bad.” That’s all well and good, but remember that Activision doesn’t take homophobia lightly.

There has been a slew of internal investigations and more recently a spate of suspensions against players for bigoted comments made in-game.

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