Call Of Duty players demand dark mode for Modern Warfare 2

by Ana Lopez

Call Of Duty players demand dark mode for Modern Warfare 2

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We haven’t had Modern warfare 2 all the while, but players have found the opportunity to complain about it. Evidently.

Fortunately, the story seems a bit different with War zone 2.0which keeps players well on their feet – but with such high expectations for the new Modern warfare game, long Duty fans have their nitpicks.

While some pros tell us we know what they’re getting into when we pick up a new shooter, players still have their issues with the game – including a feature they want to take over from Battlefield 2042.

Modern Warfare 2 players want a dark mode

After the game was a military-level failure, it’s interesting to see that there was actually something of merit buried in it Battlefield 2042and it seems that some Duty players want to see a feature brought to life in the game appear in Modern warfare 2.

Flashbangs are a core part of the Duty experience for years, and gamers have been forced to put up with the screen-filling white flash that comes with every game, absolutely destroying their retinas.

But it doesn’t have to be, as proven by a Reddit post – a user suffered the ‘Dark Mode’ concussion from Battlefield 2042making the screen black instead of white and saving players their eyesight.

It’s a fairly simple change that makes perfect sense, so it’s surprising to see it just getting picked up 2042.

Call of Duty players respond to dark mode calls

Fans took to the Reddit post’s comments to reiterate the call for the game to add dark mode concussions.

“Hell yes. That would be great,” says one player. “They burn through my skull with the frequency they get thrown into this game.”

“Oh I didn’t know you could do that friend,” says another. “We need this in EVERY GAME that has flash grenades.”

It seems that the feature, as simple as it may seem, is a pretty big quality-of-life change that playing could make Modern warfare 2 a little less… scorch.

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