Call Of Duty Fans Want Verdansk Back To ‘Save’ Warzone 2

by Ana Lopez

Although on the surface everything seems fine, War zone 2.0 may experience some tension bubbling underneath.

Since its launch in November 2022, the new take on the War zone formula is quite divided among the community. Some love it, some hate it, and it’s clear this new venture isn’t as beloved as the original incarnation.

To rectify that, fans are pushing for the original Verdansk map to be reintroduced War zone 2.0as a last-ditch effort to save the already crumbling player base.

Can Verdansk Save Warzone?

While a clear consensus of War zone 2.0 is difficult to estimate, but the players agree on one thing: they miss Verdansk. Social media is bombarded with tributes to the classic map, all the while begging Infinity Ward to turn things around and bring them back.

When War zone 2.0 launched, the player base peaked at 488,897 players, according to Steam Maps. However, in two months that number has fallen by almost 50%. It raises concerns Duty community because out of the top 10 charts on Steam.

The backlash has seen several Duty publications, content creators, streamers and even players are calling for a return to Verdansk. One claimed that the game brings them “zero joy”while another made the bold statement that “Verdansk [is] the only iconic level created in the last 5-8 years.”

Reactions to these kinds of comments seem to elicit a wide range of reader agreement, signaling problems for the current iteration of War zone 2.0.

Is Verdansk coming back to Warzone 2.0?

Though many are clamoring for Infinity Ward to save War zone 2.0there are currently no plans to add Verdansk in the near future.

Even original War zone players cannot drop by and experience it again, as it has since been completely removed in favor of the lesser-known Caldera map.

If you want your fix of Verdansk it will be added Warzone Mobile sometime this year. It won’t exactly look as glorious as it once did on your shiny TV, but it just might recapture the magic players once had.

In the world of video games, plans change every other day, and with the dwindling player base, it’s entirely possible that Infinity Ward will hit the emergency button and get to work bringing Verdansk back. Until then, it seems we all have to do it War zone 2.0.

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