Breaking News: Amit Shah has launched a restaurant that rivals even a 7-star hotel

by Ana Lopez

Talking about the specialty of the eatery, this eatery will be open 24 hours. A kitchen has been built in 4550 sq ft. In which 20 thousand people can eat enough food in one hour.

A gourmet restaurant built in Salangpur, Botad has been launched. Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the canteen. Talking about the specialty of the restaurant, this restaurant will be open 24 hours.. 4550 square feet kitchen has been built.. in which food can be prepared for 20 thousand guests in an hour.. Not only that, 7 dining halls have also been built. In which 4 thousand devotees will be able to take food at one time.. Apart from this, for the convenience of the devotees, 5 lifts have also been installed in the canteen and there are also 79 rooms.

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