Bombay Tuje Kisiki Na Lagge: Even after three decades, the memories of Bombay do not leave the haunting.

by Ana Lopez

Yes, it was Bombay then, not Mumbai. Before Mumbai happened in 1995, 30 years ago today, on March 12, 1993, Bombay was rocked by a bomb blast. Even after that the financial capital of the country and the city of everyone’s dreams unfortunately witnessed several terrorist attacks, but the gory memories associated with this day and the months that followed will never be erased from their memories.

Twelve March at half past one. A sudden explosion occurred in the basement of the Bombay Stock Exchange. People living or not living in Mumbai need not be told how much hustle and bustle there is here at 1:30 in the afternoon. After that, blasts continued at the busiest places of the city till around 3.40 am.

Fire, blood, flight towards Cho. This city running every day could not understand which direction to go and what to do. The injured rush to the hospitals and the safe survivors rush home. 257 innocent people lost their lives and more than 1400 were injured in this blast. But more than that, the blast scared the city of Mumbai for a while and put it on alert forever.
Needless to say, D Company don Dawood Ibrahim was the mastermind of this. However, Ibrahim and his companion Tiger Memon managed to escape.

Yakub, Tiger’s brother, was jailed in 1994. He was found guilty of conspiring, training attackers and raising funds, buying vehicles to fill with explosives, and was sentenced to death in July 2007. In 2013, the Supreme Court gave a final verdict in the case and upheld the death sentence. He was hanged on July 30, 2015 at 6.35 am in the jail at Nagpur.
However, despite doing all this, Tiger Memon did not fall into India’s hands. It was the investigation of this case that opened many secrets of the Pakistani ISI and exposed their links with D-Company.
A total of 193 accused were detained by the Special Task Force and the Mumbai Police. Out of which 140 were prosecuted. However, 17 people died during the trial itself. One hundred of the 123 were found guilty and 23 were acquitted.

After the attack, some of the convicts were successfully brought back to India. One of them is Abu Salem. Which was brought from Portugal. In 2017, Salem was also given a plea deal under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act along with five others. He is still serving punishment in different cases.
However, the lives of Indians, including Mumbaikars, will be resolved only when Dawood comes to hand.
After this incident, words like D-Company, RDX got on the tongue. The film world made many films on these subjects. Names of filmy faces joined D-Company.
Three decades have passed. But those who lost themselves, lost their body parts, lost their livelihood have not forgotten, but the whole country is shaken remembering this incident. Bombay was the center of attraction of people from all over India at that time, whether it was to be an actor or to drive a Bhelpuri lorry on the road, to be the king of the stock market or to live in the Nabeera of a rich father for fun, Bombay was loved by all. From shopping to beachcombers here is a city of dreams. A city of people who work day and night in small rooms and narrow streets, a city of people who come with empty pockets and who are homeless, a city where everyone from politicians to IAS and police officers want to work, today came under the grip of terrorist attacks and it became difficult to escape. After 1993, terrorists attacked again in 2006 and 2008 but the city recovered. The spirit of this city is saluted because the soil here has the leaven to rise up, but these shocks are understandable when they are natural, and should not be from terrorism or any ulterior motives. Today let us remember those who lost their lives in this attack. We thank all the agencies including the Mumbai Police and pray that Mumbai does not suffer.

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