‘Bling Bishop’ Lamor Whitehead allegedly forged bank documents

by Ana Lopez

“Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead, who first attracted global attention when he was robbed while livestreaming a sermon in July 2022, is facing new federal fraud charges. Citing documents from the Manhattan Federal Court, the Daily news reports that Whitehead “told a bank his company had $2 million in its treasury when it had less than $10.”

The Rolls Royce-driving Whitehead — arrested last December and charged with embezzling the pension fund of one of his congregants — applied for a quarter-million-dollar business loan early in the summer of 2018, reports the News. He didn’t get the loan, which was good, given that prosecutors allege Whitehead fabricated a number of vital documents in support of the loan application he filled out online.

The new indictment against Whitehead states that his documents were intended for “a bank account that did not, in fact, exist.” They also made it appear as if his company, Anointing Management Services LLC, had more than $2 million in assets, although “during that period [the business] had an average closing balance of less than ten dollars.”

Despite not getting the 2018 loan, Whitehead reportedly tried again in 2019, using forged documents as part of an application for a $1.3 million mortgage on his home in Paramus, New Jersey, described by the Daily news as a “six-bedroom, seven-bathroom townhouse.”

Bishop Whitehead has already faced charges, including skinning a member of his herd for the sum of $90,000. He is currently free on $500,000 bond.

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