Black carrots are considered as elixir for the body

by Ana Lopez

Swasthya Sudha – Srilekha Yagnik

Generally, with the onset of winter, the consumption of special winter vegetables begins to increase. A housewife should successfully try to do justice to the various demands of each person in the family. In that too, the use of red or saffron carrots is seen increasing in every house in winter. Carrot lovers like to eat carrot halwa often as soon as winter starts. There was a time when Sunday was a day off and on that day some sweets were made in the house. With the onset of winter, hot fresh carrot halwa becomes Sarve’s first choice. Also, it is healthy and quick to digest.
Carrots are used in various ways everyday in chutney, soup, salad, sambhar or even salad. Currently, if you get a holiday, you will see queues in the restaurants. In the early morning, someone reaches for a hot South Indian breakfast, while another makes a plan to have brunch. Have dinner outside. There is an unwritten rule. Carrot halwa also gets a place in the special banquet. Carrot halwa is also available in many Farsan shops.
Carrot halwa is made by using long red carrots especially in winter. Have you ever used black carrots in winter? Yes, shocked! Today we are going to talk about black carrots. Black carrots are available in the market in North India and hilly regions in winter. Its use is considered beneficial for health. Consuming black carrot in diet helps in Alzheimer’s disease. Kanji is made using black carrots. Black carrots can also be used in salads or garnishes. Along with improving digestion, diabetic patients can consume it comfortably. Experts also say that ‘black carrots are like elixir for the body’.
Black carrot is most commonly used in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. In these countries, it has been cultivated on a large scale. That is why it has been widely used in the above countries. The reason for the black color is that it contains a good amount of anthocyanins. Red and orange carrots are high in beta-carotene. The taste of black carrot is slightly sweet and spicy. Consuming black carrots also benefits men suffering from impotence. It helps in increasing sperm count. Also, if urination is not frequent, it is also beneficial to use carrot juice or black carrot porridge.
Health Benefits of Black Carrot: Good for Eye Health: Consuming black carrot is good for eye health. In fact, the role of anthocyanin flavonoids in carrots is major. According to a research, a property called anthocyanin relieves night blindness. Also, including black carrots in the diet helps to reduce the damage caused to the function of photoreceptor cells due to inflammation on the retina. Eating black carrots helps in overcoming vitamin A deficiency. It has also been declared by the World Health Organization that vitamin A deficiency is the cause of blindness related problems worldwide.
Prevention from diseases like cancer: Consuming black carrots helps in preventing diseases like cancer. Black carrots contain a substance called anthocyanin. Which reduces the risk of various types of cancer. Anthocyanin can inhibit the growth of cancer cells by about 80 percent. Anthocyanin inhibits the development of stomach, breast and prostate cancer.
Aids in weight loss: Black carrots contain anti-oxidant properties. Which helps in reducing the size of the body. Improves metabolism by controlling fat. Improves Digestive Disorders: Due to frequent eating of spicy food, digestive disorders are increasing in the youth today. In which the problem of constipation or frequent urination and sometimes gas problem is seen. Consuming black carrots in moderation can help relieve digestive problems. Being rich in fiber and vitamin A, it is useful in improving the digestive system. Making black carrot porridge and drinking it helps in constipation.
Good for heart health: It is fair to say that black carrots contain a wealth of anti-oxidants. By using black carrot in the diet, the blood circulation in the heart starts smoothly. Clot accumulation in the blood vessels stops. Platelets also work well. Helps relax blood vessels. Useful in improving heart health. Helps in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood. As for black carrots, it is said that eating black carrots for a week will root out heart related problems.
Increases Immunity: Consuming black carrots strengthens the immunity of a person. It contains nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, manganese and vitamin B. Black carrots are beneficial for those who often complain of cold or fever. Being rich in vitamin-C helps in increasing white blood cells. Due to which the body can avoid harmful diseases.
Helps in reducing frequent inflammations on the body: Consuming black carrots in the diet is beneficial for those who suffer from frequent inflammations on the body. Some research also suggests that urine helps prevent fungal infections in the urinary tract.
Beneficial for Diabetic Patient: Use of black carrot is also beneficial for diabetic patients. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Black carrot kanji specially drunk on Holi days
Ingredients: 3 pieces of cleaned and peeled black carrot cut into small pieces, 2 spoons of crushed rye, 1 spoon of Adhakachara pepper powder, salt to taste, 1 spoon of sandalwood and asafoetida. A glass jar and a muslin handkerchief for making kanji.
Preparation: Boil about 4 glasses of water in 1 pan. Add small pieces of carrot to a glass jar. Mix Sanchal, Asafoetida, Pepper Powder, Crushed Rye and Salt in it. Add heated water to it. Mix it well and tie a white muslin cloth over it. Keep this jar in the sun for 3-4 days. Later in the evening take it home. After 4 days, carrot porridge can be consumed. Kanji prepared in the sun can be drunk for about 5 days. Heavy meal after cold or Holi
Drinking it after rakya refreshes the body.

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