BJP loses 28 year old stronghold, Congress tricolor flutters on Pune’s Kasba Peth seat – BJP loses 28 year old stronghold Congress wins Pune Kasba Peth Seat

by Ana Lopez

Maharashtra Bypoll Election By-elections were held for two assembly seats in Maharashtra. Among which Ravindra Dhangekar, the Congress candidate of Mahavikas Adhadi, has broken the 28-year-old invincible fortress of the BJP from Pune’s Kasba Peth seat.

Pune Kasba Peth Seat Results : Maharashtra The results of the elections to the two assembly seats are out today (March 2, Thursday). Pune’s Kasba and Chinchwad constituencies are known as BJP’s strongholds. Nothing was unexpected in Chinchwad. But a new history has been written on the seat of Pune’s Kasba Peth. BJP’s Ashwini Jagtap has won in Chinchwad. So in Pune’s Kasba Peth, Ravindra Dhangekar of the Congress has won a resounding victory by demolishing Kangra Khervi, a 28-year-old stronghold of the BJP. Ravindra Dhangekar has won from this seat with a margin of 11 thousand 40 votes.

From the Kasba Peth seat, Ravindra Dhangekar got 73194 votes and BJP’s Hemant Ras came second with 62244 votes. In Chinchwad, Ashwini Jagtap, wife of late MLA Laxman Jagtap, was fielded by the BJP on a ticket. Ashwini Jagtap has secured more than 57 thousand votes in the counting conducted till the time of writing this news and she is ahead by a margin of about ten thousand votes from Nana Kate, the joint candidate of Mahavikas Akhari. Out of twenty rounds in Chinchwad, counting of sixteen rounds of votes has been completed. Hence their victory is certain.

Who is Ravindra Dhangekar who destroyed the fortress of BJP?

You may want to know who is Ravindra Dhangekar, what is his specialty that he broke the BJP’s age-old stronghold of Pune’s Kasba Peth seat. Kasba Peth seat has been dominated by BJP for 28 years. Let us tell you that Ravindra Dhangekar walks by bike, not by car. He never went to the theater to watch the cinema. In fact, several times his friends brought him a picture ticket, but people are so busy with work that he finds watching a three-hour film a waste of time.

Ravindra Dhangekar is aware of every nook and cranny of Kasba Peth

Ravindra Dhangekar has reached the Congress by going from town to town, door to door. This time he was the joint candidate of Mahavikas Akhadi. He was once in Shiv Sena. Later Raj also joined Thackeray’s party MNS. He was considered very close to Raj Thackeray. MNS While living in, he also became a corporator four times. This is why he became famous in Kasba Peth. Here he did many developmental works.

Defeat after defeat, but do not lose courage

In 2009, he contested the assembly elections from MNS. Here he lost to current BJP MP and then candidate Girish Bapat. But despite being a new candidate, he gave a tough challenge to a veteran and stalwart leader like Bapat. At that time, Bapat won by only 7 thousand votes. Ravindra Dhangekar could not win in 2014 elections too. He then joined the Congress in the presence of Ashok Chauhan. But Congress did not give him ticket in 2019.

In the end, there was a big victory

Ravindra Dhangekar kept waiting for the right opportunity. Ravindra Dhangekar hails from OBC. Brahmins are consistently getting tickets on Kasba Peth seats. Brahmin community has 30 percent votes. Apart from the Brahmin community, OBCs and Maratha voters are the majority here. This time both Congress and BJP allotted tickets to OBCs.

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