Big accident with Benny Dayal in ongoing concert, head injury and two fingers amputated, see VIDEO – Singer Benny Dayal Gets Hit By A Drone During Live Concert In Chennai

by Ana Lopez

Benny Dayal Injured: Benny Dayal, one of the well-known singers, was involved in an accident when he was performing at an event in Chennai when a drone was shooting and the drone fell on the singer’s head.

A disappointing news has come out for the fans of Bollywood singer Benny Dayal. The singer, who has lent his voice to many super duper songs like Aadat Se Majboor, Batmeez Dil and Get Ready To Fight, has suffered a hand injury. This tragedy happened during an event in Chennai recently. Due to which he got an injury on his head and two fingers of his hand were cut off.

The accident happened with famous singer Benny Dayal, when he was performing at an event in Chennai, a drone was being shot and the drone fell on the singer’s head, injuring the back of his head, he recently shared a video on Instagram. Thana has given information about this.

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In the video shared by Benny Dayal, he is telling how this tragedy happened to him. He is saying that he has an injury on the back of his head, while also showing him his fingers. On which a bandage can be seen. He has also given some advice to the organizers of the show through this video.

Let experienced people fly the drones: Benny Dayal

He said that all artists should take care that no drone comes near them while performing. Also appealed to the organizers of the show that special attention should be paid to the fact that the person flying the drone is experienced.

After Benny Dayal shared this video, fans are worried for him. One of the users said, ‘Hope you’re good.’ Another fan wrote that ‘more power to you’ take care.

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