Best TFT Compositions for Set 8 (January 2023)

by Ana Lopez

Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics has many properties, additions, items and synergies that may leave some players confused about the best direction to win. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the best compositions for set 8 to help you secure a spot at the top.

Best TFT builds for set 8

These builds are composed of player data and win percentage. They are the top ten chosen builds for patch 13.1 in January 2023. These builds will help you reach at least a top four position to help you rank higher.

10. Heart Taliyah

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

The Heart Taliyah build focuses on four bearers: Taliyah, Soraka, Ekko and Syndra. This will give you 5 star guard, 4 Spellslinger, 4 Heart and 2 ADMIN Having Lux and Annie early in the game will benefit you as Annie is a great front lane champion. Along with Lux, she activates the Spellslinger ability to help you through the first few rounds until you get extra Star Guardians like Rell, Ekko, Soraka, and Taliyah. The focus of this build is the Heart property. So if you get a heart decal, grab it and place it on Lux.

9. Anima Squad Miss Fortune

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Miss Fortune has quite a few builds around her, but mostly it’s Anima Squad. This construction has 5 Anima Squad, 2 Aegis, 2 mascots and 2 pranksters. If you get an Anima Squad decal, you can use it on Ekko to create a 7-Anima Squad while keeping Alistar as the mascot and Aegis.

8. Explore Kai’Sa

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Recon is a property that has become increasingly popular lately. Rightly so, because it’s a very powerful build if you do it right. Recons are all backlane champions. So having a strong front lane is essential. That’s why there are 3 Aegis, 3 Anima Squad, 3 reconnaissance, 3 Star Guardian and 2 Brawler. Start the game by turning on Aegis and then add Recons in the early game. If you get a Recon decal, place it on Ekko.

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7. Ox Force Viego

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

To get Viego in the game guarantees a win, but only if you have the items for him. This build has 6 Ox Force, 3 Aegis, 3 Renegade, and 1 Arsenal. Fielding Sylas, Talon and Annie will help you get through the early rounds before you get Viego. If you get a Renegade decal, stick it on Aphelios.

6. LaserCorps Zed

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Zed is one of the best champions in TFT Set 8. He’s a one-man army whether you put him on the board with LaserCorps, Duelist or Hacker. The only condition is that you have the stuff for him. This construction has 6 Laser Corps, 2 Brawler, 2 Duelist, 2 Hacker and 2 Prankster. The best way to get through the early game is to have duelists on your board. Duelists are OP.

5. Samira Sureshot

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Sureshot is a build that’s a bit harder to run than the rest. While Sureshot is very powerful, they are all backlane and cannot refuel properly. If you have a good front lane then this build is very powerful. This set contains 3 MECHA: Prime, 2 Aegis, 2 Sureshot, 2 Defenders, 2 Mascot and 1 Ace. There are alone 2 Sure shot, and the rest are all front lane damage tankers. You also have Fiddlesticks, as he has the Threat trait and works well on his own. However, if you get a Sureshot decal, you can add Urgot to your team and give him the decal. During the early game, you can have a combination of MECHA:Prime, Aegis, and Defenders.

4. Civil Samira

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Like the 5th entry, this build also focuses on Sureshot. Namely Samira. The structure consists of 4 Sure shot, 3 civilian, 2 mascot, 2 Ox Force, 1 Threat and 1 Ace. 4 Sureshot deals a lot of damage. Civilian will help them use their ultimate faster, while Mascot will provide extra healing. Zac is a threat and an excellent front lane that can give your Sureshot some time to deal more damage. In the early game you can choose Civilian and Mascot. If you have a Sureshot decal, place it on one of your tanks.

3. Duelist Zed

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

As we said in the 6th entry, Zed is perfect. And Duelists are OP. Despite being the third entry on this list, this build is relatively easy to build. You have 4 duelist3 Laser Corps, 2 Aegis, 2 Brawler and 2 Hacker. Hacker makes Zed jump back to finish off the enemy. You can always have more Duelist. Duelist is also good during the early game as there are plenty of cheap Duelist out there. If you get a Duelist decal, go all Duelist. Put the emblem on one Laser Corps.

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2. Miss Fortune Ace

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

Ace is probably the hardest trait to build in TFT Set 8. It’s like Ninja from TFT’s older sets. You can have one Ace or all 4. Getting them all is hard. This construction has 4 Aceand 4 Threat. Threats are champions with their abilities, making them very strong in their own right. It’s a good strategy to use Threat Champions to complete this build. There’s no way you can lose that game once you get it. During the early game you should use Threat Champions. If you get an Ace decal, place it on one of your Threat champions.

1. Ace Sett

Image by Pro Game Guides via LoLCHESS

There are 4 Ace, each of which has its own characteristics. You could go Miss Fortune Ace or take the Draven route and go the Mecha: PRIME way. This construction has 5 Mecha: PRIME4 Ace, and 2 defender. Sett will be your Mecha:PRIME carry as he fuels through damage while your Ace finishes off everyone else. Focus on Mecha:PRIME and Defender during the early game. If you get an Ace decal, replace Mordekaiser with Fiddlesticks and place it on him.

All of these builds are a step-by-step guide to which builds you can use to win. You can change these with your own additions. With so many additions in Set 8, the TFT world is unpredictable. So give this one a try.

If you’re not sure which augmentations to use with these builds, check out the TFT Augment Tier List (January 2023) in Pro Game Guides here.

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