Best Precon Decks in MTG Arena

by Ana Lopez

Image via Wizards of the Coast

If you’re new to MTG Arena, creating your own deck is intimidating. There are dozens of factors that make the best MTG decks work, including spell removal, mana ramp, and card synergy. As a beginner, it’s sometimes better to play a ready-made deck and learn why it works, rather than shuffling 60 cards and hoping it somehow works out. Fortunately, MTG Arena offers several starter decks that are both simple and surprisingly powerful. Here are the best pre-constructed decks in MTG Arena.

What are the best pre-constructed decks in MTG Arena?

Grave Matters (green/black)

Image by Pro Game Guides

Grave Matters is an excellent deck that mainly uses the reel mechanics. Milling causes the top card of your library to enter the graveyard, increasing the power of various creatures in this deck. Grave Matters thrives on polishing the Old Stickfingers card, which gains power equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard. Still, you should be careful about over-milling your library. If you have to draw at the beginning of your interview, but you have no cards in your library to draw, you lose the game.

  • x3 undead butler
  • x1 Retired Taxidermist
  • x1 Old Rutstein
  • x2 Eaten alive
  • x2 Damned Dissenter
  • x1 Dreadhound
  • x2 infernal grip
  • x2 Gloomshrieker
  • x3 Gravelighter
  • x1 Blood Sworn Squire
  • x2 Deathbonnet shoot
  • x2 Fell Stinger
  • x1 Old Stick Fingers
  • x1 Ghoulcaller’s Harvest
  • x1 Shigeki, Jukai Visionary
  • x1 consuming blob
  • x1 tenacious underdog
  • x1 Deathcap Glade
  • x4 Jungle lair
  • x8 Forest
  • x8 Swamp
  • x2 Morbid Opportunist
  • x1 Creeping Plague
  • x1 Urborg Repossession
  • x2 Tear apart
  • x4 ghostly ooze
  • x2 Cult Conscript

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Hunting (green/red)

Image by Pro Game Guides

On the Hunt is a relatively simple card game that focuses on creating wolves and improving their stats. This deck features day/night mechanics that turn human werewolves into their lupine forms. While On the Hunt allows you to put pressure on your opponent early in the game, it also gets more and more powerful over time. Cards like Halana and Alena, Partners and Packsong Pup allow you to place +1/+1 counters on your creatures, making them a force of nature as the game progresses.

  • x4 rugged highlands
  • x1 Anglesword Brigand
  • x2 lunar madness
  • x3 Moonrager’s slash
  • x1 reckless storm seeker
  • x2 Outland Liberator
  • x3 growling wolf
  • x1 Arlinn, the hope of the pack
  • x3 Kessig naturalist
  • x1 Tovolar, Dire Overlord
  • x2 Unnatural rising of the moon
  • x1 Rockfall Vale
  • x3 Hungry Ridgewolf
  • x1 howling moon
  • x1 Howlpack Piper
  • x2 Packsong Pup
  • x3 Blossom weaver
  • x2 Wolf attack
  • x3 Child of the pack
  • x1 Halana and Alena, partners
  • x2 racer ring
  • x9 mountain
  • x9 forest

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Keep the Peace (mono white)

Image by Pro Game Guides

In the Keep the Peace deck, sustain is the name of the game. This deck focuses on life gains and activating multiple effects at the same time. Cards like Charmed Stray grant life when they deal damage, which activates the Hallowed Priest’s ability and gives him a +1/+1 counter every time you gain life. This deck is great for learning the game and allows you to stay afloat while you become familiar with the mechanics of the deck.

  • x2 inspiring commander
  • x2 Leonin War Leader
  • x4 holy priest
  • x25 Plains
  • x1 angelic reward
  • x3 Pacifism
  • x1 Face the attack
  • x4 Charmed Wanderer
  • x3 Passionate orator
  • x2 Moorland Inquisitor
  • x2 Fencing ace
  • x2 Angel of Vitality
  • x1 Serra Angel
  • x1 spiritual protector
  • x4 tactical advantage
  • x1 bond of discipline
  • x1 Goring Ceratops
  • x1 Angelic Guardian

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