Best audio settings for Warzone 2

by Ana Lopez

The best audio settings for War zone 2 allows you to hear enemy footsteps and actions much more easily, giving you a better chance of tracking targets and improving your overall performance. In War zone 2 and most online FPS games, sound is extremely important as it lets you know where other players are so you can anticipate them even if you can’t see them.

Footsteps are pretty loud by default, but there are ways to make them pop even more, so check out our roundup of the best audio settings for War zone 2.

Best Audio Settings Warzone 2

Best Audio Settings Warzone 2

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It is important that you optimize your audio settings before playing an online game as it will improve your overall performance Duty titles you can really change a lot of settings to make your time easier. It helps you stay aware, more alert to the enemy’s presence and stay involved in the game itself.

All audio settings can be found in the settings menu under the ‘Audio’ tab, so navigate there and follow our advice on the settings below.


  • Audio mix – Headphone bass boost
  • master volume – 75
  • Music volume – 15
  • Dialogue Volume – 60
  • Effects Volume – 90
  • Hit Marker volume – 50
  • Speakers/headphones Game audio device – Standard (although we recommend using headphones)
  • Mono audio – Out


  • Subtitles – Preference
  • Campaign – Preference
  • multiplayer – Preference
  • Chicken coop – Preference
  • DMZ – Preference
  • Subtitles Size – Standard
  • Subtitles Background Coverage – 0

Voice chat

  • Voice chat – On
  • Game Voice channel – All Lobby
  • Last words Voice Chat – On
  • Proximity Chat – On
  • Voice Chat device – Default system device


  • Microphone mode – Push to talk
  • Voice chat volume – 7
  • Microphone test – Out
  • Microphone device – Standard
  • Mute yourself while connecting – On
  • Microphone level – 85

Advanced audio settings

  • Juggernaut music – Out
  • Hit Marker sound effects – Classic
  • Mute game when minimized – Out
  • Reduce tinnitus noise – On

If you use the settings highlighted above, you should have a much better time listening to in-game footsteps. We recommend using these as a starting point and then adjusting the settings further to your liking, as you might need some volume sliders to be higher, for example. It is also important to note that the above settings may not work well for people who are hard of hearing.

That’s all for our pick of the best audio settings for War zone 2and now you have an idea of ​​which settings help improve your performance and make your footsteps heard.

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