Barbara Corcoran shares behind-the-scenes ‘Shark Tank’ secrets

by Ana Lopez

Millionaire and ‘Shark Tank’ star Barbara Corcoran is no stranger to sharing her tricks of the trade on her Instagram account, where she often films clips of her getting her makeup done while telling a story from the beginning of her career.

But on Wednesday, the real estate tycoon took to the social media platform to spill the beans about what actually happens during a “Shark Tank” taping — while also answering fans’ questions about the show in a post that has since garnered more than 3,400 views. . Loves.

Corcoran said that while viewers only see minutes of each pitch per episode, pitches can last up to two hours, and on most filming days, the “Sharks” hear eight to nine pitches.

She then shared that she arrives on set around 5:00 AM so she can get her hair and makeup done, while her other cast mates usually arrive between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM.

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Kevin [O’Leary] or I’m usually the first to go, Mark [Cuban] shows up after his morning workout,” she said. ‘Never too late! Exactly on time.”

Corcoran also shared a fact that viewers might be surprised to learn: Entrepreneurs only have one chance to nail their pitch (no do-overs!), especially since the “Sharks” come in blind in every pitch.

“We know absolutely nothing about the product or the entrepreneurs before they enter the tank,” Corcoran wrote. “That’s what keeps our responses sincere.”

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A commenter asked the investor if she had any investments she regretted, to which Corcoran explained that regret isn’t really her style.

“I do not have [any] regret since trusting my gut, but I’ve had a few disappointments,” she explained.

Shark Tank is currently on its 14th season.

According to Net worth of celebritiesCorcoran is worth an estimated $100 million.

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