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by Ana Lopez

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A full tank of hospitalityEmily Lagasse has extensive chef training dating back to attending culinary high school. But once he experienced the hospitality of the Brennan family in New Orleans, he knew he had found a home.

Relationships firstEmily Lagasse has had many TV shows over the years. And just like the last one, his latest shows “Emeril Cooks” and “Emeril Tailgates” on Roku TV lean more on relationships than strictly business.

Elements for creating the right contentEmily Lagasse‘s television career is legendary. At this stage of his career, he is conscious with all the elements that should be included in any show.


From restaurants to media, Emily Lagasse has had a remarkable career. Through it all, the celebrity chef and humanitarian has been able to grow his business empire by prioritizing hospitality.

From his many restaurants to his Roku TV streaming series Emeril Cooks, everything Emeril does is about putting people front and center.

“That show (Emeril Cooks on Roku) happens to be about relationships. Whether it’s the oyster guy who makes Louisiana oysters or whether it’s the two ladies who make sake with Louisiana rice,” Emeril Lagasse explains in the Restaurant podcast. influencers. by Shawn P. Walchef van CaliBBQ Media.

The new show, and all shows involving the chef, need specific elements to uphold the values ​​upon which Emeril’s legacy is built. When recording up to four shows in a day, it is important that the work includes pillars.

“You know, when we were writing those shows and even the shows we’re writing now, it’s about what the meaning is?” Lagasse out. “It also has to have an educational perspective. And it has to have a sense of love, a sense of giving back.”

Prioritizing relationships has always been the hidden ingredient to Emeril’s success. His relationship with Dickie and Ellen Brennan and the hospitality they showed him in New Orleans, coupled with the soul and culture of the city, played a major role in making that city his home.

“It wasn’t until I landed at Commander’s Palace in ’82 to work for the Brennan family that I really – really – understood what hospitality in the restaurant business really is,” says Lagasse. “I was brought in there as a chef, but to see that it was more than just being a chef, it was more about giving people an experience. And part of that experience was rubbed off as hospitality.

So that’s not why I left New Orleans, because I have that full feeling, that full tank, if you will, of hospitality, music, agriculture, architecture. And for me it was like, okay, and this really feels like home.”

As Emeril Lagasse continues his new streaming shows on Roku TV, he’s passing the torch to his son, and current executive chef at Emeril’s. After a brief hiatus from television, Lagasse and son are ready to tackle new shows and new restaurants by embracing relationships, using superior hospitality and building new connections. Bam!


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