Bageshwar Dham: Bageshwar Baba has once again given a statement on Hindu Rashtra, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan including CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan were present on the platform – Bageshwar Baba has once again given a statement on Hindu Rashtra shivraj Singh Chauhan and shant there

by Ana Lopez

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Bageshwar Dham along with a gathering of saints and ministers. CM Shivraj reached Dhirendra Shastri’s Bageshwar Dham.

Bageshwar Dham: Bageshwar Baba again made a statement on Hindu Rashtra, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and many sadhu saints present on the stage.

Bageshwar Dham

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of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday Bageshwar A group wedding of girls is being organized in Dham. Apart from saints from across the country, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and many of his ministers participated in this program. Currently, Asthana Mahakumbha is being organized in Bageshwar Dham and 125 girls are getting married on the occasion of Mahashivratri. Along with Dhirendra Shastri, CM Shivraj also addressed the people on this occasion.

What did Dhirendra Shastri say?

Dhirendra Shastri said that today all pilgrims have gathered at Bageshwar Dham. He clearly said that we do not belong to any party, but on this occasion Dhirendra Shastri was seen praising CM Shivraj. So there he asked Shivraj Singh also to bow down to the girls. With this Dhirendra Krishna Shastri talking about his Hindu nation said that all Hindus have to unite.

What did Shivraj Singh Chauhan say?

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev and Jai Bajrangbali before starting his address. Apart from this, he also recited the Chopai of Ramayana. While addressing the program, CM Shivraj praised the works of his government and also praised Baba Bageshwar Dham. On the other hand, Shivraj Singh addressed Dhirendra Krishna Shastri as Maharajji.

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Earlier on Thursday, Acharya Balakrishna of Patanjali Yoga Peeth also arrived. He said that Dhirendra Krishna Shastri has emerged as the face of Sanatani. Sanatani cannot be questioned and that which is not Sanatani will be questioned. Poor and helpless girls are getting married in Bageshwar Dham for the last four years. Many senior leaders of BJP and Congress have joined it so far. Former CM of the state and state president of Congress Kamal Nath reached Bageshwar Dham on February 13.

Need to build a Hindu nation: Dhirendra Shastri

In a conversation with TV9, Dhirendra Shastri said that India is an absolute nation, religion is not absolute. That is why it is necessary to build a Hindu nation. Charged with appealing to all Hindus to unite and take up arms, he said, “If it is wrong to take up bulldozers for self-defence, how will they protect themselves?” We are not talking about murder. We have not even asked anyone to take the law into their hands. Weapons remain in the hands of our gods.

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