Bad news: 1,115 new cases of corona in Maharashtra in 24 hours, nine deaths

by Ana Lopez

Mumbai: Corona cases are continuously increasing in the state of Maharashtra, including the city of Mumbai, in which the number of corona cases has crossed one thousand on Wednesday in the last 24 hours. The number of corona cases in a single day has crossed a thousand, which is a matter of concern, said an official of the health department.
The number of fresh cases of corona infection in Maharashtra is an alarm bell. In the last 24 hours on Wednesday, over 1000 cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra and nine people have died, while on Tuesday 919 new cases were reported in the state. Corona cases have increased in Maharashtra, in which 1,115 new cases have been reported on Wednesday, while nine patients have died due to Corona. Maharashtra has 5,421 active cases of Covid. The total number of corona cases in Maharashtra is 81,52,291. So far, 1,48,470 people have died in the state, while the total death toll in Mumbai is 19,752. Mumbai has the highest number of active cases at 1577 as per the Health Department report. At the same time, 560 patients have recovered after treatment in one day. In Maharashtra, the recovery rate from Corona is 98.11 percent. Thane district ranks second in the state in terms of active cases with 953 active cases. There are 160 active cases in Palghar and 237 in Raigad. 560 patients recovered from Corona in 24 hours, while the total number of recovered cases has reached 79,98,400. The recovery rate of Corona in Maharashtra is 98.11 percent. The number of corona cases in Mumbai was as follows in the last ten days. Second April – 172 cases, zero death, third April – 75 cases, zero death, fourth April – 218 cases, zero death, fifth April – 221 cases, one patient death, sixth April – 216 cases, single death, seventh April – 276 There were cases, zero deaths, eighth April – 207 cases, zero deaths, ninth April – 221 cases, zero deaths, tenth April – 95 cases, zero deaths, eleventh April – 242 cases, zero deaths.

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