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by Ana Lopez

While a certain Avatar is a constant hit in movie theaters, there’s only one Avatar in our hearts, and yes, it includes air bending. The mobile game Avatar Generations unites the audience with Aang and the gang, and exploring with Katara, Sokka, Toph and others is still a blast. If you’re diving into the action RPG, this guide is for it Avatar Generations Codes is here to give you access to items, boosts and bonuses so you can run circles around your enemies.

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Let’s get started with our Avatar Generations code guide.

Avatar Generations Codes

Active Codes:

Unfortunately, there are currently no Avatar Generations codes. However, if you log into the game, you can redeem the pre-registration rewards, which include gold, stamina, summoning cards, and a five-star hero ticket, among other goodies. Log in every day and claim your rewards.

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What are Avatar Generations Codes?

Avatar Generations codes redeem in-game rewards, including items such as summoning tickets to add new heroes to your team. Square Enix recently launched the game, but we expect developer Navigator games to release new codes to coincide with new seasons of the title, as well as in-game events.

How do I redeem Avatar Generations codes?

Redeeming Avatar Generations codes is easy, just follow these instructions:

  • Open Avatar Generations
  • Complete the explanation
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Redemption Code
  • Enter the code and press submit
  • Enjoy your rewards!

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