Atique Ahmed Murder: How was Atique Ahmed killed? Why did the police allow the killers to come between security? Know the reason – Atique Ahmed Murder why policemen allowed the killers to come close Atique and Ashraf know why in Gujarati

by Ana Lopez

Atique Ahmed Murder: Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf have been shot dead by assailants in Prayagraj.

Saturday night in Prayagraj Atiq Ahmed And his brother Ashraf has been shot dead at Lamana. Atiq and Ashraf were being taken to the hospital for medical treatment by the police when both of them were killed. The assailant fired at Lamana with a gun. According to reports, around 14 rounds were fired and killed. After shooting Atiq and Ashraf dead, the assailants surrendered to the police.

According to which a very tight police arrangement was kept during the bringing and taking of Atiq and Ashraf. So now after the murder, the questions are not being asked that how he was killed amidst the tight security of the police and how the attackers were able to get close to him. According to the information coming out, the shooters came in the guise of a journalist and carried out the murder by approaching him in this way. The police mistook them for journalists and let them approach the security cordon.

Journalists turned attackers

Police were taking Atiq and Ashraf for medical treatment when both of them were killed near Calvin Hospital. After the murder of Atiq Ahmed, there has been a sudden silence. Atiq Ahmed was talking to the media. No one had any idea that such an event would happen. Two of the attackers came as journalists. They had weapons with them. Both of them quickly started firing and the whole area was resounded with about 14 rounds of bullets.

However, the shooters did not run away after this killing and surrendered before the police with their hands raised. The names of the three shooters who fired are Lovelesh Tiwari, Sunny, Arun Maurya. CM Yogi is not happy with this carnage. He has called a high level meeting. A forensic team has reached the spot. Chief Minister Aditya Yogi has alerted the state police chief and Additional DG Law and Order. Chief Minister Yogi is being shown in media reports to be unhappy about this incident of murder.

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