Ask Marc | Free business advice session with the co-founder of Netflix

by Ana Lopez

Netflix’s co-founder and first CEO, Marc Randolph, has a personal mission to help entrepreneurs around the world achieve their dreams. He’s mentored hundreds of startup entrepreneurs and helped build dozens of successful tech companies, and now he wants to help you.

In our livestream series Ask Marcyou have the opportunity to ask Marc Randolph all of your most pressing business questions, from big issues to weed details, including:

  • How do you start a business with a small budget?
  • What is the best way to raise money?
  • What are the key actions a company should take to grow sales?
  • What is the best way to find and hire the right talent?

This is a remarkable opportunity to ask one of the most successful and innovative business leaders anything you want! Submit your questions now then join us March 28 at 3 p.m. EST to hear your answers live.

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