Asian Women: From the Prisons of Cambodia to the The stories of Korea’s ‘Slave Farms’ are monotonous!

by Ana Lopez

Bhaat Bhaat Ke Log – Fiery hero

As March 8 is near, plans are organized everywhere to praise women. This is a good practice. Indian culture considers women as goddesses. It is said that even real gods prefer to stay in places where women are respected! Undoubtedly, this is a very noble and blood-curdling spirit! But what after March 8?
Sexual Abuse – Sexual abuse is one of the worst problems in life for a woman. Asian societies tend to be relatively conservative. However, the stories of sexual abuse in these countries are shocking. (The situation in the developed countries of the West or Europe, America is not very commendable, but it is talked about again sometimes.)
Cambodia ranks among the poorest countries in Asia. A quarter of the people here live below the poverty line. Poverty and hunger push a man to such a point of helplessness that a father does not think twice before throwing his unborn daughter into hell! Tragically, most of these cases are of crude age. Teenage girls are highly sought after in prostitution, so many parents look for ‘customers’ as soon as their daughters hit puberty! According to a survey, thousands of girls are traded here every year with rich Cambodians or foreign tourists, with most of the girls between the ages of 13 and 18! Neither the law nor the police are in a position to do much about this malpractice of virgins for sale prevalent in Cambodia. Because these children are sold by their own families. So there is no scope for police complaint! The price of the girl is determined based on her appearance and physical curves. One sells for anywhere from $800 to $4,000! Another puzzling aspect of the whole affair is that the customers are mostly aged 50 or above. Because relationships with young women are believed to help older men maintain their youth!
There is nothing special about Bangladesh. Here too most of the people live in poverty. Prostitution is the only means of livelihood for many families. Here a woman has to pay a very small price to enjoy. As a result more and more men are tempted into prostitution, and the business is always booming. According to a survey, some prostitutes serve 15-15 men in a single day! Due to this situation, poor families in many areas of Bangladesh consider their daughter as a ‘great source of income’ just like Cambodian parents. It is interesting to see that for the development of the business there is a bet to make even the little girls look like ‘youth’ quickly. For this, steroids like Ghafimayadhjnaksha are taken. Consuming Ghafimayaddhjanksha makes the young woman hungry, and with more food, the fleshy body in a short time acquires curves that can attract the customer! According to doctors, such dangerous use of steroids becomes like an addiction in the long run. As a side effect, the skin gets bruised. Along with high blood pressure, headache, diabetes and the loss of immunity is true! If these unfortunates who are made young quickly become dry and pass away, then who cares? It’s enough to earn his precious years for the family!
When we know all this, we think that ordinary police officers are okay, my brother, but women working in the police force are also turning a blind eye to all this? Doesn’t her blood boil as a woman?! Now learn about Indonesia. Since 1965, a law has been enforced in Indonesia that a woman who joins the army must pass a virginity test! A girl who is not an intact youth, she was considered unfit to work in the army! High values ​​for service to the country, i.e. spend anywhere with virginity! Say, a law that seems so strange to us has existed until now. In August 2021, the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army announced that the practice had been officially abolished after the whole world had washed their minds about it! However, the police department is still said to be continuing this malpractice. Some other government departments also conduct such ‘examination’ of women candidates. Another big flaw in it is that the method known as ‘two finger test’ is used for virginity test. In India, since 2022, the Supreme Court has banned the two-finger test, which harms a woman’s self-esteem, even in cases of rape. But to become a police officer in Indonesia, you have to take this test! On the job website of the Indonesian National Police, a clear message has been sent to job-seeking girls, if you want a job, keep your virginity!
We have an impression that women are more exploited in very poor countries. It is not wrong, but it would be hasty to conclude that the condition of women in other countries is very good. The conflict between South Korea and North Korea is well known. South Korea is considered to be more progressive than the North. Whether such a thing as human rights exists on the books in North Korea is a question. On the other hand, the talk of ‘Slave Farms’ running in the Sinan Parish of South Korea, an economically viable Asian country, is a concern!
About two-thirds of South Korea’s sea salt is grown on islands in Sinan County. These islands are some distance from the mainland, and are ruled by the salt-cooking hermits. Salt curing is a process that removes bones from the body. While adding salt to dal, we don’t even realize how miserable the life of salt-cooking farmers is. Lake owners in Amany Sinan County employ a large number of disabled persons as farmers. These farmers are only given food, not salary! In return for barely enough food, these Agarias spend their entire lives melting their bones in salt ponds and making salt! Among these laborers, women are also in large numbers. Needless to say, these women laborers have to do a different ‘type’ of work at night after a full day’s work! Here the police also live in harmony with the lake owners. Instead of giving the exploited laborers their rights, on the contrary, these officials perform the ‘duty’ of catching the laborers who escaped from hell and bringing them back at the behest of the lake owners!
d. Authorities not only in Korea but all over the world are aware of this fact. From time to time there is a small discussion about this topic. But there is no permanent solution yet. In short, even after March 8 will come and go many times, how much the suffering of the exploited women will be reduced is only a matter of imagination. The rest, from the cells of Cambodia to The stories of unfortunate women working in Korea’s ‘Slave Farms’ are painted in the same color!

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