Army vs Government : Army revolted against the government on the issue of food in Pakistan, the army threatened the government – In Pakistan now even the army does not get food

by Ana Lopez

The poverty of Pakistan can be estimated from the fact that the people understand but its soldiers do not even have food grains to eat. Pakistani military officials have said that the army mess has been drastically cut. The army is not in a position to provide two meals a day to its soldiers, if further cuts are made the operation will have to be stopped.

Army vs Government: Army revolted against the government on the issue of food in Pakistan, the army threatened the government

The Pakistan Army launched a coup against the government

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PakistanThe effect of rising inflation and poverty in the army has also started to be seen. Pakistan has become so poor that it does not even have food to feed its army. Officials of the Pakistani army have said that already the food of the army has decreased a lot, now the soldiers are not even getting enough to eat.

If food supply and logistics stop, then something has to be thought of? Should the army stop working? The Pakistan Army and its paramilitary forces are on border duty in various operations across the country amid increasing attacks by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on the Afghanistan border.

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Top Army Commanders – QMG, CLS and DG MO raised concerns over food supply issues with Army Chief General Asim Munir and briefed him about the security situation in the country and ongoing military operations. The QMG has discussed food supply and logistics issues with the Chief of Logistics Staff (CLS) and the Director General Military Operations (DG MO).

Due to insufficient quantity, one does not get to eat even twice

A top military source said, amid rising inflation and cuts in special funds, the army cannot feed soldiers properly twice. DG Military Operations said the troops need more food and special funds. The army is not in a position to make further cuts in logistics and supplies that could halt operations.

All demands should be fulfilled for the Army immediately

Army Chief Munir has directed the QMG, CLS and DG MO to ensure that all demands from the Ministry of Defense, including food supplies and funds, are met for the Army immediately. According to Budget 2022-23, 1.52 trillion rupees (about $7.5 billion) has been allocated for defense expenditure, which is 17.5% of total current expenditure, and 11.16% more than the previous fiscal year. The Pakistan Army spends an average of $13,400 per soldier annually.

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