ARK Thylacoleo – Guide to Taming, Feeding and Breeding

by Ana Lopez

Screenshot via YouTube: Harv’s Corner

When you play ARK: Survival Evolved, you encounter a large, tiger-like creature known as Thylacoleo. They are mainly found in the Redwood Forest biome and have proven to be very strong mounts. The Thylacoleo is incredibly aggressive and will attack anything in its sight. They also have the ability to climb at 90-degree angles, allowing you to climb trees while perched on a tamed back.

How to tame a Thylacoleo in ARK

Before you can tame a Thylacoleo, you must hunt it. Set up a few bear traps after finding one and get into his line of sight. Once he’s got your eye on you, you’ll want to lure him to the bear trap. Once he’s trapped, you’ll want to shoot him unconscious and feed him kibble or Raw meat by placing it in his inventory. You can use Narcoberries to make sure it stays down until it’s tamed.

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How to Feed a Thylacoleo in ARK

Feeding one of these dinosaurs is as easy as placing food in its inventory. However, Thylacoleo are carnivores, similar to Pteranodon, meaning there are specific foods they enjoy more than others. We’ve listed them all below:

  • Extraordinary chunks
  • Raw mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw meat
  • Raw fish meat

How to breed a Thylacoleo in ARK

To breed Thylacoleos, players must first ensure they have both a male and a female and that their enclosure is spacious enough to accommodate both. Players can then start breeding by setting the dinosaurs to wander or by selecting the Couple option, although it’s important to note that a player must be present during the hatching process or it will stop.

The breeding interval for Thylacoleos ranges from 18 to 48 hours and once mating is successful, the female Thylacoleo will be pregnant for 4 hours. After this time, players can welcome a new baby Thylacoleo. As a baby, the dinosaur needs extra care in the form of food placed in its inventory for 5 hours after birth. Players should also keep in mind the imprinting intervals, which occur every 8 hours, to maximize the baby’s stats.

Once the Thylacoleo has reached juvenile status, it can feed itself from troughs. The total maturation time for this dinosaur is about 2 days and 1 hour.

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