Are you also working in the bathroom? Be careful from today

by Ana Lopez

There are many Puranas and scriptures in our Hindu scriptures. In all these, the story of Garuda Purana is clear. This Purana has been given the status of the most important Purana in our religion. Garuda Purana in particular is considered a scripture to be read at home after the death of a relative, because it describes birth, death, rebirth, heaven, hell and Yamaloka in great detail. Not only this, Garuda Purana also tells how to make life more beautiful. People who follow the rules mentioned in Garuda Purana, stay away from troubles.

In this same Garuda Purana information is given about some mistakes connected with daily life, which we ignore knowingly or unknowingly. The Garuda Purana states that some mistakes made in the bathroom can cause big trouble for you. Along with these mistakes, you may also face financial problems,

Here are these mistakes that should never be made in the bathroom-

  • Many people have a habit of leaving a wet towel or dirt in the bathroom after taking a bath. But this should never be done. A dirty bathroom brings bad luck.
  • Bathroom is a place related to water element and moon is considered to be water factor. In such a situation, take special care not to waste unnecessary water in the bathroom. If you do this then it weakens the Moon position in the horoscope and you may face Moon related problems.
  • It is believed that a dirty or wet bathroom quickly transmits negative energy to the house and this becomes an obstacle in the way of progress.
  • Rahu-Ketu dosha also increases in houses where bathrooms are dirty.

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