Are you about to lose your cool? Try these 15 expert tips

by Ana Lopez

In business, sometimes predicaments can arise that cause panic among the management of the company. In those difficult times, it can be hard to stay calm. However, it is important for leaders to keep a cool head, especially as these circumstances can have a long-lasting impact on business.

As experienced business leaders, the members of Business Council understand that keeping a cool head is the key to softening the impact of challenging situations. Below, 15 of them share tips for entrepreneurs to stay calm in a dire situation.

1. Look at a situation with empathy

Stephen Covey answered this one perfectly: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to maintain control of their business, and challenges to that control can feel like a personal attack. Often understanding the situation empathetically gives entrepreneurs a different path to a solution – one that feels like a choice rather than a forced capitulation. – Brian Howard, Mercury Performance Group, LLC

2. Remind yourself that hardship will pass

Take a moment and think back to some disastrous situations from your past – those situations where you thought, “Okay, now it’s all over, I’m screwed.” Then remember that you finally got out of it. Remind yourself that everything under the bridge is water, and even the worst situations will pass and you will move on. Now, once you’ve got your guts, get yourself together and get back to solving the problem. – Alexander Shevchenko, Guavus Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

3. Write down your problems and solutions

The best way to handle a tense business situation without losing your cool is to step back and assess the situation objectively. Take a few deep breaths and count to 10, if necessary. Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen. List the potential impacts and steps you can take to mitigate them. A better understanding of the situation will help make an informed decision. – Ritesha Dalal, Intellectual

4. Be open about your challenges

Being transparent and open about challenging problems can help you solve them. I’ve always found that talking about challenges immediately diminishes their power over your mental preparation to deal with them. And if you share it with the right people, you might get ideas to remedy the situation that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Teamwork makes the dream work! – Jennifer Koy, Beauty care choices

5. Keep your cool for your team

You must have an outlet outside the company and you must not show fear, stress or uncertainty to your team at any time. As leaders, we must remain calm so that our team can have confidence in our capabilities and in the health of the organization. I’ve always loved the idea of ​​behaving like a duck – calm above the water but kicking like crazy underwater. – Laura silver, Blue door communication

6. Find the positives in every situation

Keep a positive attitude and never let your emotions get the better of you. If you draw positive thoughts in every difficult situation, you will eventually discover the beauty of hardship as you learn ways to overcome them. – Paul Stepanov, Virtudesk

7. Know that it’s okay to fail

Understand that it can’t be “your time” every time. A positive and learning approach never fails. It’s okay not to have the best output as you predicted, but learning from it and coming back with a double experience is great. – Neha Madan, vanator

8. Take a break

It is important to let the immediate reaction sink in so that action steps can be taken with a clear mind. It also allows the whole picture to be seen, including what isn’t going wrong, rather than the limited scope of the situation. This will help develop a strategic, solution-oriented mindset without being driven by an emotional response. – Melanie Amberman, VaVa virtual assistants

9. Move on to another topic and come back later

Think carefully about your decisions and don’t decide anything so quickly if you lose your cool. Everything in business changes and you have to be able to realize that in certain situations. Swing to another subject and come back to the difficult situation with a clear head later. – Kir Linington, Linear Roofing and General Contractors, LLC

10. Take the emotion out of the conversation

Take a few minutes or time to temporarily pigeonhole it or sleep on it overnight. Then start the conversation when you’re ready. Get the facts, process the information and once you have all the information, give your opinion and possible solutions. Removing emotion forces you to be objective and focus on the solution rather than rushing into action. – Deyman Doolittle, ShipSigma

11. Let your emotions settle down

The best way to keep your cool is to remember not to act silly. The life we ​​lead is one of human emotion. Knowing this, you can control this ball of tense energy that can explode at any moment. Walk away and schedule a follow-up conversation to communicate in a healthy way, then you’ll be less emotionally charged. – Joshua Steinberger, NextGen recovery

12. Acknowledge the other person’s perspective

Taking deep breaths, counting to ten, and repeating positive affirmations can all help reduce stress and give you time to assess the situation more objectively. Remember that exchanging pleasantries with your colleagues shows that you are open to constructive cooperation, which will inevitably lead to a better solution. – Michael Schribman, APS Global Partners Inc.

13. Remember your end goal

Successful entrepreneurs learn early on how to deal with people’s problems or business challenges with respect, due diligence and patience. Before you react or lose your temper, remind yourself what the end goal is. By demonstrating your leadership skills by clearly understanding and focusing on the outcome, you can reduce tension and create a positive environment. – Francisco Ramirez, The ACE group (TAG)

14. Understand the pressures associated with the entrepreneurial journey

Accept the hard truth that this is part of the journey of entrepreneurship. Involuntary and voluntary friction are guardrails to success. The mind has the ability to calm the heart. Science proves the wisdom of the heart when the mind directs thoughts that make upliftment possible. Watch the pressure as needed, similar to how the eagle soars above the storm for a smoother flight. – Paul L. Gunn, KUG Corporation

15. Have a positive intention

Start with a positive intention. Remember that working with people is the hardest, but also the most rewarding part of doing business. Believe that everything happens for a reason and remember that it is not personal. – Martina Seferovic, OIP Inc

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