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by Ana Lopez

Archero was one of the most amazing games released on mobile devices in 2019, and it remains popular to this day.

Archero is a two-dimensional platform game where you move with your archer and fight against randomly generated enemies. To succeed in the game, you need to use a good combination of your hero, weapon and skills. This is especially true in hero mode, which is extremely difficult to master.

While I haven’t mastered the game yet, I’ve put together a list of Archero levels that I hope will help others trying to get into the top 10 of all players.

Heroes, skills and weapons in the Archero level lists

Level list for Archero heroes

Heroes in Archero are born with different starting stats and skills. As a default hero, Atreus has no skills and low base stats, so you should look for a replacement as soon as possible.

For example, Shingen is a premium hero that comes with enhanced stats and some very useful unique abilities.

S+ level:

In Tier S+, Hero is Shingen

S level:

Tier S Hero includes Lina, Aquea, Iris

a level:

In Tier, A Hero are Ophelia, Bonnie, Shade, Rolla

B level:

In Tier B Hero are Ryan, Ayana, Sylvan, Phoren, Taranis, Meowgik, Gugu

C level:

In Tier C Hero are Shari, Onir, Urasil, Helix

D level:

In level D, the hero is Atreus

By collecting 30 Hero Shards you can unlock the following Heroes for free:

Helix, Atreus, Urasil, Ophelia, Sylvan, Phoren, Taranis, Meowgik, Atreus

It is generally recommended to unlock a hero other than Atreus as soon as possible, if only to take advantage of an additional ability.

Who is the greatest Archero hero of all time?

Shingen, in my opinion, stands out as the best S+ level available on the market right now. Shingen has an ATK of 200 base points (which puts him first in the game) and an HP of 700 base points (which puts him second in the game).

His ability increases high crit damage and also increases his attack speed as he runs out of HP, allowing you to escape tight situations and take on more difficult bosses while equipped with him.

Aquaea is the obvious second choice, due to her 180 base ATK and 800 base HP, as well as the strong freeze effect she has on her attacks, which makes her move slower. Once her HP drops below 35 percent, she changes into a battle form, reducing her body size by 15 percent, increasing evasion by 15 percent, and increasing crits by 10 percent, while also increasing freeze damage by 10 percent.

Despite the fact that Singen is more offensively oriented and Aquaea more defensively oriented, both heroes have excellent survivability.

What’s the best way to get more Archero heroes?

Premium heroes can be unlocked in a simple way. It only requires the spending of real money (and therein lies the catch). I believe

To get free heroes, you must first collect 30 hero shards for each hero you want to get. It is possible to obtain them by purchasing packs with real money.

But you can also get them through daily rewards (like the Desert Ghost event), seasonal events (like the Christmas event), which can award specific hero shards or randomly generated hero shards, and other means.

List of Archero skills by level

While the list of skill levels will help you select the most effective skills, it’s the skill combinations that will make your attacks devastating.

DoT skills are great, but when you combine them with Multishot, Extra Front Arrow, Ricochet, Wall Bounce, Piercing Shot, and Attack/Attack Speed ​​buffs, you can increase the DPS and negative effect/DoT application possibilities of your hero significantly increase.

However, combining the above with Headshot (to get occasional one-off monsters) and Bloodthirst (if you’re not very good at dodging) is also a fantastic option, and I highly recommend it.

It goes without saying that the wall bounce and multiple projectiles are extremely useful against bosses, especially the ones that add summons.

S level:

There are options in the S Tier

  • Kill Nova
  • Invincibility star
  • Fire sword
  • Ice sword
  • Poison Sword
  • Bolt Swords
  • Flaming meteor
  • Frost Meteor
  • Toxic meteor
  • Bolt Meteor

a level:

Being in A Tier skills

  • Multishot attack
  • Speed ​​boost
  • Front arrow
  • Penetrating Shot Ricochet
  • Freeze poison
  • Touch Blaze
  • Dark touch
  • Kill Bomb
  • Attack boost
  • HPplus
  • HP gets Aura
  • HP boost
  • Bloodthirsty fire
  • Circle ice cream
  • Circle gif
  • Circle bolt
  • Circle Blow
  • Star Frost
  • Star toxic
  • Star bolt
  • Star Extra life

B level:

In B Tier, skills are:

  • Element burst
  • Horrifying explosion
  • Attack speed
  • Boost Attack Plus
  • Speed ​​plus
  • Crit plus
  • Shield guard
  • Spirit healing
  • Attack boost
  • Ghost Blaze
  • Freeze mind
  • Spirit poisoned
  • Tap Blazing Strike
  • Frost strike
  • Toxic attack
  • Bolt strike
  • anger anger
  • Grace slow projectile

C level:

In C Tier, skills are:

  • bouncy wall
  • Diagonal arrows
  • Side arrows
  • Bolt
  • Element upgrade
  • Crit master
  • Speed ​​Aura
  • Crit Aura
  • Strong heart
  • Wingman
  • Ghost forward arrow
  • Ghost Multishot
  • Spirit Attack Speed ​​boost
  • spirit bolt
  • Dodge master
  • Shadow clone
  • Summon one-eyed bat

D level:

In D Tier, skills are:

  • Back arrow
  • Obsidian circle
  • Mind diagonal arrow
  • Spirit Crit boost
  • Maneuverability
  • Smart
  • Greed
  • Standing red
  • Holy touch
  • Inspire
  • Water walker
  • Through the wall
  • Huge
  • Dwarf

Archero weapon level list

S level:

Weapon list: Death Scythe stats, effects and notes: 145% damage (highest damage) ~ 85% attack speed (slowest) Big recoil, slow scythes, big hitbox

Epic Unique Effect: 50% chance to headshot enemies with less than 30% health

a level:

Weapon list: Brightspear Stats, Effects and Notes: 120% damage ~ 95% attack speed, highest projectile speed

Epic Unique Effect: When you attack a similar target (same monster), the damage dealt will increase.

a level:

Weapon list: Demon Blade stats, effects, and notes: Immune to head-on collision damage in melee attacks

Great unique effect: If you have low HP, killing enemies in melee will restore HP

Epic Unique Effect: The higher the enemy’s HP, the more damage is dealt

B level:

Weapon list: Brave bow stats, effects and notes: 100% damage, 100% attack speed, medium recoil, fast arrows, small hitbox.

Epic Unique Effect: Crit damage ranges from +100% to 150% (2x to 2.5x)

B level:

Weapon list: Gale Force Stats, Effects, and Notes: Rare Unique Effect: Charged attacks have a penetrating effect

Epic Unique Effect: Piercing attacks have multiple damage effects, normal crit count increases with distance

C level:

Weapon list: Stalker Staff stats, effects, and notes: 100% damage, 115% attack speed, homing projectiles, performance based on graphics settings and fps, medium recoil

Epic Unique Effect: The lower the target’s HP, the higher the critical chance

D level:

Weapon list: Blade stats, effects, and notes: 80% damage, 150% attack speed (fastest), low recoil, small hitbox

Epic Unique Effect: When entering a boss room, significantly increase the attack speed for 3 seconds

D level:

Weapon list: Tornado stats, effects and notes: 80% damage, 100% attack speed, low recoil, slow boomerangs, big hitbox.

Epic Unique Effect: Boomerangs deal 25% more damage when they bounce back. The boomerang returns after hitting a wall with the effects of a piercing shot. (55% damage on return)

We’ve found the Death Scythe to be the best weapon in Archero, as evidenced by our list of Archero weapon levels, as it deals the most damage per second in gameplay while also being the slowest weapon available.

It’s ideal for clearing enemies that are close to you, but because of the recoil, it will be a bit more difficult to clear enemies that are further away (it’s not the best choice for Ricochet).

If you do get it, use it immediately because it has such a high attack and will help you take out enemies faster than if you didn’t. When used in conjunction with the right skills, the epic effect will allow you to breeze through rooms with ease.

The Brave Bow is an excellent starter weapon, but it should be used in conjunction with elemental swords, as it can’t slay enemy mobs as quickly as other weapons and doesn’t have much recoil.

Reaching the highest level of usability is achieved through the use of multishot, extra arrows, status effects, and special abilities such as diagonal shots, ricochet, and bouncing walls. It has the ability to clear a room while your hero barely moves up until a certain point during the game.

All Archero item types are included:

In Archero, there are seven different types of items to choose from. Various in-game effects and roles are available, as well as modifiers that can be used to modify your stats and abilities.

The names of these are as follows:

  • Armor type and effect is an increase in health.
  • Weapon type and effect is used to damage enemies.
  • Type and effect of rings is to increase the damage to certain types of enemies depending on the ring.
  • Spirits Type and Effect are summoned companions that fight alongside you, increasing attack, attack speed, and damage against enemies on the ground or in the air.
  • Medallions type and effect increase health Bracelets Type and effect increase damage.
  • Spellbooks Type and Effect is unique magic skills with sizzling effects.

How to Re-Roll Archero:

To re-roll in Archero, you’ll need to delete all app data from your device settings, which is equivalent to completely uninstalling the game.

When you restart the game, you will have to start over from the beginning.

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