Aravalli: Fake PMO officer Kiran Patel arrested by Srinagar Police had earlier cheated farmers in Bayad Aravalli, ATS got details from farmers Jammu Kashmir

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Avnish Goswami

Avnish Goswami |

Updated on: Mar 18, 2023 | 8:30 PM

Thug Kiran Patel also contacted the farmers of Aravalli district and cheated them by getting money from them. Baid police registered a complaint against him for this act.

Aravalli: Thug Kiran Patel earlier preyed on farmers in Aravalli district, ATS gets details

Details of Kiran Patel received by ATS

Kiran Patel of Ahmedabad has been jailed for the crime of impersonating a PMO officer in Kashmir. Kashmir Police has arrested him after misusing the government machinery in his service. As soon as the details about the cheats came out, now the farmers of Aravalli district have also disclosed about the fraud done to them. ATS has collected the details from the farmers of Aravalli. Details are being obtained about where and how the thugs have made their victims.

In this regard, Gujarat ATS obtained complete details of how Kiran Patel had cheated the victimized farmers of Baid. Four or five days ago, some farmers were called to the office in Ahmedabad and the details were obtained from them. After opening the chapters of Kiran Patel’s fraud, minute details are being verified to frame him.

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