Apple will share more details about App Store removals

by Ana Lopez

The Financial times has reported that Apple plans to share more details about apps removed from the App Store in its transparency report shared with investors. This comes after activists called for more information about the removal of certain religious apps from the store in China.

This transparency report currently only lists the number of apps each country has requested for removal, the reason for the request, and whether Apple complied or not, according to people the FT spoke to who were familiar with the agreement.

This will change under pressure from investors Azzad Asset Management, Tulipshare and Open MIC. According to Tulipshare, Apple will now reveal the legal basis for removing certain apps.

CityAM shared commentary from Joshua Brockwell, director of investment communications at Azzad Asset Management, regarding the agreement: “Azzad Asset Management appreciates Apple’s consultative approach in working with our stakeholder coalition. Our agreed result is a notable improvement over the company’s current reporting standards.”

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The FT shared more details from Constance Ricketts, head of shareholder activism at Tulipshare, who said: “This information will help determine whether Apple’s decision strangles freedom of information and expression”. However, it’s not believed Apple will reveal why individual apps were removed, one of the petitioners’ original requests.

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