Another blow: now it will be expensive to have this fun at home

by Ana Lopez

Inflation seems to have hit the people of India. One by one the price of goods or services increases. Now there is one more service which is going to be expensive and since the customer base of this service is very large, it will affect a large segment. It is about food delivery at home. A food parcel delivered to your home in a click is still costing you and will get more expensive now as food delivery platforms are demanding a higher premium from food outlets. They are telling the restaurant owners that soon they will have to charge more per order. This adds to the fact that online delivery platform holders currently charge 18 to 28 percent commission and five percent GST. Now they will increase this. Obviously, this increase will be imposed only on customers with food parlors or restaurants. It is already expensive for customers to order parcels at home. Because either they get the parcel with a higher charge while most restaurants reduce the quantity to avoid overcharging the customers. Hence, it is expensive for you to send the parcel home and you do not get the real pleasure of eating it. Now this service is going to be more expensive.

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