Anime Souls Simulator Codes (February 2023)

by Ana Lopez

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Welcome to Anime Souls Simulator, an anime-inspired collecting Roblox experience! Your goal is to assemble a team of the most powerful fighters and send them on raids to collect energy and souls. Spend your hard-earned money to further upgrade your crew and take on the more challenging villains.

The codes for Anime Souls Simulator boost the players with free energy, souls and potions, important resources in the game. All of this will come in handy, especially for new players just getting into the game, to get them off the ground faster. If this experience is something you enjoy, check out Anime World Tower Defense Codes.

List of all Anime Souls Simulator codes

Updated February 3, 2023

New code added.

Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Working)

  • underpayments—Redeem for 10 spins (New)
  • 35clicks—Exchange for potions and energy
  • sorry for kaido—Exchange for potions and energy
  • update2—Exchange for potions and energy
  • 10k favourites—Exchange for potions and energy
  • free spins—Redeem for x3 Skill Spins
  • 15clicks—Exchange for a skill potion and 3 energy potions
  • OPENSAMU—Exchange for 100 energy and free damage

Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • 1 DRESS—Exchange for 50 energy and 1 energy pot
  • 1CLICKS—Exchange for 150 souls and free potion
  • 1KACTIVE—Exchange for 2 energy drinks
  • 1KFAVORITES—Exchange for 1 lucky potion
  • 50KVISITS—Exchange for 1 damage potion
  • EDITION—Exchange for 50 Souls and 1 Lucky Potion

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Redeem codes in Anime Souls Simulator

Redeem codes Anime Souls Simulator is simple. Just follow the steps below.

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  1. Launch Anime Souls Simulator on Roblox.
  2. When you spawn on the map, click the blue icon with a check mark on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code marked field in the pop-up menu.
  4. Click the arrow button to the right of the field where you typed your code.

How can you get more Anime Souls Simulator codes?

The best way to make sure you get the latest Anime Souls Simulator codes as soon as they come out is to follow the developers on their Twitter page @Paida_sctheir YouTube channel @paida_scand their Anime Souls Discord Channel. We at Pro Game Guides always strive to keep our code articles up to date, so expect this page to be updated as soon as the developers release new codes! Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page and check back often!

Why are my Anime Souls Simulator codes not working?

There could be several reasons why your Anime Souls Simulator codes might not work. The codes may be typed incorrectly or missing punctuation marks. The best way to make sure you enter your codes correctly is to copy them from the list of websites and paste them directly into the game. The codes sometimes have a limited lifespan. Developers may release such codes during holidays or similar events, and they don’t last forever. Always redeem your codes as soon as possible and never miss free gifts again!

How to get more Anime Souls Simulator codes?

You can join the Anime Shadow Studio Roblox group to get special Anime Souls Simulator codes. Follow the steps below to access the group:

  1. Follow the link to the Anime shadow studio Roblox page.
  2. Click the Join button.
  3. Launch Anime Souls Simulator on Roblox.
  4. When you spawn in the world, you approach the big blue chest.
  5. You automatically claim the special daily reward.

You can repeat the whole process above after the 24 hour cooldown timer has passed to get more freebies daily!

What is Anime Souls Simulator?

Anime Souls Simulator is an experience released by Anime Shadows Studio for the Roblox platform. The players guide their characters through the game in search of souls and energy, two essential resources for the game. Their allies are anime characters from many different universes, which the players can purchase with resources. The main goal is to get a powerful team of fighters and fight through hordes of villains and develop their stats as the game progresses.

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