Amritpal Singh of Khalistan opened fire again, finally the police released Lovepreet Singh

by Ana Lopez

Punjab: Lovepreet Tufan, a close supporter of Khalistani Amritpal Singh, was arrested by the police and is being demanded to release him immediately, alleging that the police have wrongfully arrested him for harassment. This demand took a violent form. But on Friday, the police decided to release Lovepreet Tufan.
The demand for Khalistan has once again gained momentum in Punjab and the reason behind this is Waris Punjab De President Amritpal Singh. Amritpal Singh supported Khalistan in a statement on Friday. Today Amritpal has said in another statement that our intention for Khalistan is not Mallin or Khabar. This demand should be looked at from an intellectual perspective and also what geo-political benefits it might have and what benefits it might bring to the Sikh people.
Regarding supporting BJP and Pakistan, Amritpal Singh also presented his side and said that some people are saying that I am getting support from BJP and some people are also saying that I am getting support from the neighboring country Pakistan as well. . But for your information I am getting support only from my Guru. I am not involved in any kind of politics.
Further he also said in his statement that Khalistan will remain and no one can suppress it. Not considering nationalism as sacrosanct, he clarified that the idea of ​​democracy should be separated. His statement came at a time when armed supporters of Amritpal Singh broke the barricades and tried to enter the premises of the Ajnala police station and ransacked.
This violent attitude has been taken up by Amritpal Singh’s supporters to demand that Lovepreet Tufan be released by the police. Lovepreet Tufan was finally released by the police on Friday and the news of this came only yesterday, despite the lathi charge at the Ajnala police station on Friday morning. , had made a fuss with swords.

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