America: Indian youth committed fraud of 20 crore rupees in one year, targeted the elderly, was sentenced to 33 months in prison – America: Indian youth committed fraud of 20 crore rupees in one year

by Ana Lopez

When this US-based Indian man was busted, he claimed to be the protector of cybercrime victims and said it was a sting operation.

Cybercrime i.e. the black business of online fraud is not only spread in India but in every corner of the world. A mastermind youth from India targeted only the elderly in America. When 29-year-old Ashish Bajaj was arrested, a fraud of more than 24 lakh dollars i.e. about 20 crore rupees was revealed.

Only and only elders were targeted by this mastermind thug. Ashish Bajaj was charged with conspiracy to defraud before District Judge Kevin McNulty in Newark Court. As soon as these charges were proved in the court, the accused was sentenced to 33 months in prison. Read international news here.

According to legal documents available in the US court, such fraud incidents are coming to light in most areas of America including New Jersey. The court also ordered the arrested accused Ashish Bajaj to be placed under strict surveillance for two years after serving 33 months in jail. Along with this, the court also imposed a fine of 2.4 million dollars on accused Ashish Bajaj, who was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud on an international scale.

How did he deceive the elders?

According to reports, during the period between April 2020 and August 2021, the accused along with his accomplices executed the fraud. It targeted seniors working at online retailer vendors and payment companies. The accused used to contact elders privately to carry out these instances of fraud.

He was telling them that he (thug Ashish Bajaj) was a fraud prevention expert employed by reputed companies and under this guise he took personal details of many elderly people, and siphoned bank accounts and payments of customers of online retailers.

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The accused denied all the allegations

On the other hand, the accused accused in the case, Ashish Bajaj and his accomplices have denied all the allegations. According to him all the complaints are false. According to the crime party, they took the help of the victims during the sting operation to stop the fraud and reach out to the criminals. How can that be a crime? Convicted criminal Ashish Bajaj, speaking to local media, said, “My colleagues and I told those who now claim themselves as victims that we are conducting a sting operation.

For this those people (now victims) should transfer some amount from their bank to our accounts (bank accounts of guilty parties) online. So that it can be checked that what are the loopholes in the case of online fraud through which cyber criminals can transfer money to anyone’s account at home. We also promised to refund the money to the victims.

While in the documents filed by the police in the US court, it has been written that the accused deliberately conspired and carried out the fraud. Now that his neck is in the crosshairs of the law, he has resorted to calling the victim and prosecutors liars in his defense.

According to the case presented in court, this international online fraud gang has also sent international wire transfers to all banks in India, China, Singapore and UAE, so how can the accused be innocent? In the investigation so far, fraud of more than 20 crores has been revealed in this case. Further investigations are underway. US agencies are urging other victims to come forward and file complaints. So that by firmly presenting the case against the criminals in the court, they can be punished in other cases as well.

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