All sync skills in Fire Emblem Engage

by Ana Lopez

The latest title in the long-running Fire Emblem saga allows players to call to the aid of stars from previous games. Players who only know the franchise from their appearances as top characters in Smash Bros. will be happy to see familiar faces like Ike and Marth again. These classic characters appear as ghosts in magic rings and provide benefits to those who summon them.

Every sync skill in Fire Emblem Engage and what they do

  • Mindful (Marth)
    • Enemy counter-attacks are easier to avoid.
  • Gallop (Sigurd)
    • Move a short distance after attacking.
  • Sacred Attitude (Celica)
    • Represents a small percentage of damage dealt by corrupted enemies.
  • Spiritual (Micahiah)
    • It allows the wearer to use rods even if their class normally wouldn’t.
  • Coat of Arms (Leif)
  • Hold on (Roy)
    • If the unit entered battle with at least 30% of their max HP, they survive by one point.

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  • Despair (Lyn)
    • If the unit is faster than their opponent, they can attack twice before the enemy’s counter.
  • Moon Support (Eirika)
    • Increases damage relative to the enemy’s defense stats.
  • Brave General (Ike)
    • Increases defense and magic when less than 75% HP.
  • Double Attack (Lucina)
    • Allows any unit to activate chain attacks and increases the chance of chain attacks based on range.
  • Divine Heartbeat (Byleth)
    • Attacks that would miss instead have a slim chance of hitting.
  • Dragon Vein (Corrin)
    • Causes one of the following field effects based on the user’s style:
      • (Hidden) Vein of Fog: Creates fog, increasing Avoidance by 30.
      • (Flying) Vein of Succor: Creates a glow that heals nearby allies
      • (Armored) Vein of Vines: Grants immunity to the Break status effect.
      • (Cavalry) Vein of Water: Reduces Avoidance by 30 for the user.
      • (Mystical) Flame Vein: Creates a harmful area for the user.
      • (Qi Adept) Vein of Ice: Creates an ice wall that hinders movement.
      • Dragon units can select an effect of their choice.
  • Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude
    • This ring is a DLC exclusive, but gives each of the three heroes a different Synchro ability.
      • Flame Gambit (Edelgard): Sets the opponent and nearby spaces on fire after an attack.
      • Poison Gambit (Claude): Poisons target and all adjacent enemies.
      • Shield Gambit (Dimitri): Ignores the first ranged attack this unit hits.

What are synchro skills in Fire Emblem Engage?

The twelve Emblem Rings are key elements of the new game, but their flashy Engage Attacks aren’t the only thing they have to offer. Synchro Abilities are passive abilities that activate once a unit is equipped with a Emblem Ring. Some offer mild stat benefits, others make a unit do something they normally couldn’t, and some completely change a character’s moves.

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What is the best synchronization skill in Fire Emblem Engage?

The best Synchro ability is Dragon Vein, but only when applied to a Dragon unit. Most rings offer useful but uninteresting additions to various skills. Some can be very useful, but most of their benefits are minor. Corrin’s ring allows a Dragon unit to select a huge magical effect that could make some assignments much easier. Starting a fight with a constant healing radiance or forcing enemies into a massive fire can be an instant winning blow.

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