All Poison-type Pokémon Weaknesses and Counters

by Ana Lopez

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Poison-type Pokémon tend to be quite defensive, while having limited attack capabilities. This makes Poison a great secondary type for Pokémon and a decent Tera Type option for many Pokémon that need its resistance. It can be difficult to remember all the species that Poison can withstand, but remember that the weak points should be obvious. Here are all the weaknesses and strengths of Poison Type and the best Pokémon to counter them.

What is Poison weak for in Pokémon?

The Poison Type has two weaknesses, and most Poison Pokémon have about the same Defense and Special Defense. To deal super-effective damage, players can use:

The best Ground Type Pokémon won’t have much trouble dealing with Poison Types as long as they don’t have Levitate as an Ability.

What are Poison Type Pokémon immune to in Pokémon?

Poison-type Pokémon are immune to the status condition, being poisoned in any way except by a Pokémon with the Ability, Corrosion. This includes Toxic and all secondary effects of moves like Sludge Bomb and Abilities like Magic Bounce. Toxic Spikes are absorbed by Poison Type Pokémon that also power up, as long as they are grounded.

What is Poison strong against in Pokémon?

Poison Type moves are only super effective against these two Types:

Defensively, Poison Type Pokémon take less damage by:

  • Grass – 1/2
  • Fairy – 1/2
  • critter – 1/2
  • Fight – 1/2
  • Poison – 1/2

Many Poison Type Pokémon have pretty good Type Coverage, so they don’t rely on Poison STAB to deal super-effective damage of their own. The best Poison Pokémon usually have moves they can learn to hide their weaknesses as well.

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What are the best counters for Poison Types in Pokémon?

The best counters for fighting Poison Type Pokémon are Pokémon Types that resist Poison moves. Poison does less damage:

  • Ghost – 1/2
  • Stone – 1/2
  • Ground – 1/2
  • Poison – 1/2

Steel Be type Pokémon immune to Poison moves, making them the perfect candidate to counter Poison Pokémon. Bronzong and Kingambit are fantastic counters because both Pokémon cannot be hit by Poison moves. Bronzong is very defensive and can use super effective psychic moves, while Kingambit has a great attack stat and can deal a lot of damage very quickly.

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