All One Piece Exploration Abilities, Explained

by Ana Lopez

In One Piece Odyssey, you crash-land on Waford Island and must explore it in order to repair the Thousand Sunny and return to your adventures. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are no strangers to exploration, and they all have Field Skills that give them different exploration options. Here are all the One Piece Odyssey character exploration options.

All One Piece Odyssey Character Field Skills

Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has Field Skills in One Piece Odyssey. These are useful skills that you Interaction with the environment like progress through the game. Some characters have more field skills than others, but all characters have an ability that allows them to break containers and boxes. In addition, not all expiration opportunities are unlocked at the beginning. Here are all the field skills and exploration options in One Piece Odyssey.

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  • Luffy
    • Observation Haki: Scans the area for hidden objects/powerful enemies.
    • Gum-Gum Rocket: Pulls Luffy to points/grabs items.
  • Zoro
    • Door Slice: Cuts iron doors and iron boxes.
  • Nami
    • Treasure Sensor: Finds berries.
  • Usopp
    • Usopp’s Shot: Fires his slingshot at high targets.
  • Sanji
    • Cook’s Nose: Finds items to cook.
  • Axe
    • Can crawl through small spaces.
  • robin
    • Archaeologist’s Appraisal: Discover hidden information about items and locations.
  • Franky
    • Franky Skywalk: Creates a bridge to bridge gaps.
  • Brook
    • No field skills/recon capabilities.

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