Aho Abhyam… A police complaint was filed against the dog that tore the poster of the Chief Minister

by Ana Lopez

A complaint has been registered at the police station against a stray dog ​​that tore a poster of the Chief Minister. Everyone is surprised to know about this conflict. Some women have lodged a police complaint against the dog as it tore the poster of the Chief Minister. They have also demanded action against these dogs who insulted the Chief Minister.
According to the received details, this incident took place in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. In this regard, the video is going viral on social media. In this video, it is seen that the dog has torn the poster of Chief Minister YS Jagmohan Reddy. The poster was put up on a wall and the dog tore it down. After this incident, a complaint has been registered at Vijayawada police station against these dogs.
According to media reports, Dasari Udayashree, who calls himself an activist of the opposition party, has filed this complaint as a mockery. He took some women to the police station and told them that in a viral video, a dog is seen tearing the poster of the Chief Minister of our state. So action should be taken against those dogs.
Talking to the media, Udayashree said that I have a lot of respect for Jagmohan Reddy. His party has come to power by winning 151 seats. A dog has insulted him by tearing down the poster of such a Chief Minister. This dog has insulted 6 crore people of the state. We have complained to the police about these stray dogs. And we have also told the police to jail these dogs as soon as possible. Because this dog has insulted the beloved Chief Minister of our state.

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