Ahead of the G20 summit, Amritsar was declared a no-fly zone

by Ana Lopez

To enhance security in Amritsar, G20 meeting venues, investment sites and routes have been declared red zones and flights of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles have been banned. In view of the movement of VVIPs and foreign delegates in connection with the G20 Summit, the Amritsar Commissionerate Police on Wednesday announced a ban on the flying of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in the entire area till March 21.
The ban also includes the venues of the G20 Education Working Group meetings, places where the delegates are staying and the routes they will travel on. The second Education Working Group (Ed WG) meeting is scheduled in Amritsar. G20 member countries, guest countries and invited organizations (OECD, UNESCO and UNICEF) will participate in the three-day event held here.

amritsar g20
Protesters holding placards against the G20 summit in Amritsar. (Photo: Prabhjot Singh/India Today)

The L20 meeting on labor is scheduled for March 19-20. Earlier, the Chandigarh administration had declared the city a no-fly zone for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including drones. The district magistrate said that keeping in mind the security of national elements and VVIPs and the general public in view of the emerging threats due to the recent terror attacks, the entire city will be observed from March 27 to April 1. There will be a no-fly zone for drones and UAVs until recently. Drones fitted with improvised explosive devices were recently used by the protesters in the area. However, this order will not apply to law enforcement agencies including police, paramilitary forces, IAF and SPG personnel. Banned terrorist outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) threatened to disrupt the G20 events. The decision was taken as a precautionary measure following these threats.

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