Activating team takeover in NBA 2K23

by Ana Lopez

NBA 2K23 offers players a whopping 25 unique Takeover options to choose from. These options are divided into eight main groups, each containing three subcategories for you to explore. Takeovers are special abilities that gamers can equip their MyPlayer characters with and they can be activated once the takeover meter is full. While the primary and secondary acquisitions remain unchanged, the team acquisitions have undergone a complete overhaul. To help players use these new team takeovers, an extensive guide has been released to help them navigate the feature. So, how exactly do you activate Team Takeover in NBA 2k23?

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Everything it takes to activate Team Takeover in NBA 2k23

This dynamic new feature allows players to work together towards a shared goal as they all contribute to filling a single meter. Each player is responsible for filling an equal share of the meter through their own performance and contributions to the team. Once all players have filled their portion, Team Takeover will automatically activate, giving a powerful boost to the whole team.

This innovative system eliminates the need for extra effort, as the Takeover meter charges automatically as you play the game. However, players can speed up the process by playing exceptionally well. Making successful shots, making assists, excelling at defensive play, and grabbing rebounds all contribute to quickly filling the meter. On the other hand, poor performance will cause the meter to go empty. Team Takeover allows players to come together to become great as a team.

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