A young man did something like this in Mira Road.

by Ana Lopez

Mumbai: To fulfill the desire of a lover, to fulfill the dreams of a wife, to meet the financial situation of the house, many times people take to the path of theft or crime, but a similar incident has been seen near Miraroad in Mumbai in which a young man took to the path of crime to become a body builder. Two-wheelers had been stolen by adoption.
Vignesh Mishra (23) started stealing two-wheelers to get supplements and medicine to lose weight through exercise and the police recovered about 10 two-wheelers worth Rs 4,20,000 from him. A two-wheeler was stolen on January 21 from Kashimira police station limits and while investigating it, the police reached one Vidhnesh Mishra. On further investigation, the police found another 10 two-wheelers worth four lakh twenty thousand rupees from him.
When the police asked him why he stole, you would be shocked to hear the answer he gave, because the police were also shocked. Vignesh said that I was fond of body building. My father sells vegetables. He did not get enough money from home to buy supplementary food and medicines for body building, so he resorted to stealing a bike.
A similar story came up in Pune a month or so ago. Where the husband stole jewelery worth Rs 37 lakh to buy a new house for his wife. Malappa Hosman (31) was arrested by the Pune police.

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