A very happy birthday to Manchester (Ahmedabad), India

by Ana Lopez

Today is an important day for the city of Ahmedabad, because today is the birthday of Ahmedabad, which is considered the Manchester of India, and before we wish Ahmedabad on its birthday, let’s take a look at its history…
Jab kutte pe sassa aya tab ahmdshah badshahne ahmdabad basaya… This is a very famous and old proverb associated with Ahmedabad. In AD 1411, Sultan Ahmadshah founded the city of Ahmedabad. When Ahmadshah founded Ahmedabad, the city had a dozen gates and a coat of arms around it. The beautiful city of Ahmedabad was imprisoned in the midst of this fort.
Over time, Ahmedabad was not limited to the fort and spread its wings all around. Today, Ahmedabad is divided into Old Ahmedabad i.e. Kot area and New Ahmedabad into West area. The glorious gates of Ahmedabad are still standing today, reminding us of the glorious past of Ahmedabad.
Ahmedabad was known as Karnavati before Ahmedshah founded Ahmedabad in 1411 AD. Karnaraja made the capital Karnavati after the fall and later this same Karnavati was converted into Ahmedabad by Ahmed Shah. After the defeat, Karnaraja made Karnavati the capital for easy trade.
Ancient temples, buildings and many architectures are still connected with the history of Ahmedabad. At the time Ahmedabad was founded, a different Ahmedabad was being seen. While the modernized Ahmedabad still has some villages and areas where you can see the old Ahmedabad. Some of the earlier replicas are still seen in the museum.
With the passage of time, trade, commerce and residences developed in Ahmedabad and there came a stage when Ahmedabad came to be counted among the cities of Delhi and Agra. It is for this reason that historians compare the development of Ahmedabad with that of Delhi and Agra. Just as Delhi and Agra are situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, Ahmedabad is also situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River.
Talking about today’s Ahmedabad, today people from all corners of the country come here in search of daily bread and the empty-handed person moves ahead with his own courage and luck, but behind this success is the blessings of Nagardevi ma Bhadrakali… So let’s wish Happy Birthday to Beautiful City of Gujarat….

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