A trip to the cinema

by Ana Lopez

After getting the knowledge about permanent characters, now let’s know about all these types of permanent characters

Sahab bathroom mein hai -ash karan atal

Direct pillar of movies
The film industry, which the government is yet to recognize as an industry, today stands on many small and big pillars. Some columns are visible and some others are not. We will now talk about some of the invisible pillars of this industry.
The position of a cinema hall is also like that of a gore maharaj in the film industry, while the position of a broker is like that of a barber. That means finding a distributor type house for the movie bride. In this he takes two percent commission from both the parties.
This broker method has become essential in every kind of business, but it is a little more essential in cinema as in other places people are frying fritters in oil.
But people associated with the cinema sector
The bhajis are fried in water and selling the bhajis fried in water is not an easy task.
Heroine’s mother
Heroine’s mother. Aha, the more you talk about them, the less they are. I mean the less you praise them. In the olden days, when a king with his army invaded a village, then only God could save that village. Similarly, the guardian of the set on which the mother of the heroine rests is also God.
Only he can order dinner at lunch time and lunch at dinner time. Chinese can order food in the jungle. The heroine’s mother demands difficult things in order to convince herself that she is the heroine’s mother. Heroine’s mother means neither work nor work, enemy grain. The upliftment of the heroine’s career is due to her own talent
happens and his career collapse is due to Tade’s mother.

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