A tigress gave birth to four cubs in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

by Ana Lopez

Tigress Srivalli gave birth to four cubs in Mumbai’s Sanyaj Gandhi National Park on Saturday. After about 13 years, a tigress has given birth to cubs in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With these four cubs, the number of tigers in Sanjay Gandhi National Park has now increased to 10.
According to the details received, the four-year-old tigress Srivalli gave birth to four cubs in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on Saturday between 12 noon and 3:30 pm. According to sources, Srivalli was rescued from Tadoba Abhiyaran in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district and brought to Sanjay Gadhi National Park last year. In 2020, a tiger named Bajirao was rescued from Chandrapur and brought to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. After mating between Srivalli and Bajirao here, Srivalli gave birth to four cubs on Saturday.
According to the sources, the baby was born naturally. In which there was no human intervention. So the gender of these chicks was not known.’ Currently Srivalli and her cubs are in a safe place in the National Park. Where their health is being monitored through CCTV cameras. According to the official, since this tigress has given birth for the first time, we do not want to intervene and scare her.
The official also said that our priority is that these cubs live well. Srivalli and her cub are currently doing well and Srivalli is also feeding her babies.
It may be mentioned here that Srivalli died after attacking a man in Moharli range of Tadoba Tiger Reserve in 2020, after which he was rescued and brought to Sanyaj Gandhi National Park.
Bajirao who killed eight people in 21 months in Chandrapur itself was caught by the forest officer in 2020.

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