A law will be made to make the Gujarati subject compulsory

by Ana Lopez

The Bhupendra Patel government of the state will now enact a law to make Gujarati language a priority. During the budget session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, a bill will be introduced to introduce a compulsory Gujarati language course in classes 1 to 8.

The Gujarat government issued a circular for compulsory Gujarati language by the education department for the students of Gujarat to study Gujarati language. But these rules were being violated by state-run English medium schools of CBSC Board schools and International Board schools. The Gujarat High Court turned a red eye on the state government regarding this. So now the state government is going to make a law for the Gujarati language.

According to this law, all the educational boards i.e. Gujarat Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Board of Education and International Board of Education have to compulsorily provide Gujarati subject syllabus to the students in class one to eight. If this rule is violated, the school will be fined in the first year, if the rule is violated in the second year, it will be fined for the second time, and if the rule is violated in the third year, the school will be fined as a percentage of the annual income of the school.

The spokesperson of the state government, Minister Rishikesh Patel, while giving information about this, said that the Bhupendra Patel government of the state is going to bring this law during the budget session of the assembly. A working advisory committee meeting was held for the budget session of the Legislative Assembly under the chairmanship of Assembly Speaker Shankar Chaudhary on Wednesday. In which the business of the assembly budget session was discussed.

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