A fierce fire broke out in a school bus

by Ana Lopez

There were 10 children inside, all rescued

A major tragedy was averted in Haryana’s Palwal on Tuesday. A private school bus suddenly caught fire here. In no time, the bus became a ball of fire. 8 to 10 children were present in the bus at the time of the incident. Bystanders took all the children out of the bus in time so a major tragedy was averted. The fire spread so fast that some children did not have time to take their school bags and their school bags were also burnt to ashes.

According to the information, a private school bus was going to school with children. Old G T of Bas Palwal. She was standing near the police station on the road. At that time some people saw smoke coming from the bus and informed the driver and hurriedly started to get the children down from the bus. In no time, the entire bus caught fire, but the children survived. The fire in the bus was so severe that its flames reached a nearby shop. There is also an electric pole near the shop. People called the power department and stopped the power supply.

The people present at the spot informed the fire brigade. As soon as the information was received, the fire brigade reached the spot and brought the fire under control. However, the people present at the place of the incident accused the fire brigade of negligence and said that even after receiving the news, the fire brigade vehicle did not reach on time and the bus was completely gutted in the fire.

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