A 100 billion dollar hit to Google due to a single mistake

by Ana Lopez

New Delhi: Google has already suffered a setback in its bid to dominate the digital world. Google has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) service BARD (BARD) to counter the competition created by ChatGPT.
However, it is reported that Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has suffered a huge loss as it was stuck in finding the right answer to a question.
According to the information available in the media, a promotional ad created by Google for its new AI chatbot caused a big crash in the shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet when the answer to a question was wrong. According to the information, the company’s market cap suffered a blow of 100 billion dollars due to the fall of Alphabet’s shares by about eight to nine percent.
In an ad released on Twitter Monday to promote a bot called Bard, the bot was asked, “What new research or findings from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell a nine-year-old child about?” Bard replied that the telescope was the first to image a planet outside Earth’s solar system. However, this answer was wrong.
This answer was wrong, in fact, in 2004, the European Very Large Telescope took the first image of a planet outside Earth’s solar system. This mistake was caught by astronomers. Chris Harrison, a fellow at Newcastle University, responded to the tweet saying that you should have checked the facts before sharing this example. This error was also caught by Reuters. He also said that in 2004, the European Advanced Telescope for Exoplanets Southern Observatory of Space took pictures of planets outside the solar system.
A Google spokesperson said the error highlights the importance of a rigorous testing process. We’re kicking it off this week with the Tasting Testers program. We will combine internal testing with external feedback to eliminate all kinds of defects, so that we can meet all the high bars of quality, safety etc. in real world information.
Bard is a chatbot service, based on artificial intelligence like ChatGPT. Although Bard has not been launched yet, the company has given some information about its performance and features. According to the information, ‘BARD’ has been made using ‘LAMDA’ technology.
It is based on LAMDA and Google’s own cross-sectional AI chatbot. It’s what CEO Sundar Pichai called an “experimental conversational AI service,” which Google will open to testers in the coming weeks and make widely available to more people after Bard testing.

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