8 ways to take advantage of the extra daylight

by Ana Lopez

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Each year, the United States “jumps ahead” by moving clocks forward one hour to observe daylight saving time (DST). Sure, you lose an hour of sleep, but it allows you to match your waking hours with the extra daylight hours during the warmer months.

If you are an businessupdates.org, that extra hour could be an opportunity. With more daylight you have more opportunities to expand your skills or make your dream come true.

Need a place to start? Here are eight things you can do with that extra hour to make yourself a better businessupdates.org.

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1. Exercise

It’s easy to let your self-care routine fall by the wayside during the winter. But longer, warmer days are practically an invitation to get outside and resume your exercise routine. Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but it has also been shown to release endorphins that help relieve stress.

Even a simple daily walk or light jog can provide surprising benefits. In addition, some communities offer group activities, such as biking or ultimate frisbee, that provide a social outlet or networking opportunity.

2. Discover networking events

Relationships are essential for entrepreneurs who want to build their business. The partnerships you form within your community can help you increase brand awareness, generate new ideas, or seize opportunities to work together for a common cause.

During the spring and summer, you may have access to outdoor networking activities in the area.

You can find such events by talking to other entrepreneurs or searching for networking events on sites like LinkedIn. These could be picnics, sporting events, or community projects that allow you to make an impact in your community.

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3. Feed your reading habit

Savvy entrepreneurs understand the value of a good book. Reading offers endless opportunities for self-improvement or success, and the latest books and publications can keep you abreast of the best practices impacting your business or industry.

But even reading outside of your immediate topic can make you a more well-rounded person and train your brain to think differently about the world around you.

Many local libraries offer summer reading programs and book clubs that you can take advantage of, but you can also just sit on the beach or in a lawn chair with a book or e-reader. And if you’re hiking or exercising, consider listening to an audiobook or podcast.

4. Pause for self-reflection

As much as business talks about data and analytics, surprisingly little attention is paid to the process of reflection.

Self-reflection is not complicated, but it is an opportunity to take stock of your internal motivations.

What are you really passionate about? What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? These are the kind of questions you might ponder on your evening stroll or lounge by the pool.

The answers to these questions can serve as a good reminder of why you got into business in the first place and can motivate you when the going gets tough.

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5. Pursue learning opportunities

Students are the best leaders. In addition to consuming informational content, summer can also provide opportunities to participate in seminars, conferences, or other educational opportunities that keep you involved in your business or industry.

While it’s not hard to find webinars or other virtual events, the extra daylight can also open up opportunities for in-person learning events. The real estate industry, for example, tends to pick up in the spring, which might give you the chance to network or take classes to sharpen your business skills.

6. Jump-start your creative thinking

Some of the most gifted leaders are known for thinking outside the box. When the weather warms up, it’s also a chance to get out of the office! Exercise, leisure time and travel all provide opportunities to learn and grow and can serve as a mental “reset”, allowing you to return to work with a fresh outlook.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself what is one thing about your business that you would like to change. Then start thinking about ways to answer that question.

As you travel, look at the way other companies do things. This can help you think differently about your business and spark new ideas for change.

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7. Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with your friends or family doesn’t just make you a better businessupdates.org; it will make you a better person. Quality time with loved ones helps combat stress and can keep you motivated when your business starts to get hectic.

If you are a parent, spending time with your children allows you to pass on valuable life lessons to the next generation. Sports, camping, a day at the beach – these activities can give you much-needed rest and relaxation and help you strengthen your personal bonds.

8. Cultivate gratitude

what are you thankful for? That’s not just a question to ask with your Thanksgiving turkey. Gratitude can keep you focused on what really matters and remind you that some of the things that give you the most pleasure have little to do with your entrepreneurial success.

Seeing nature in all its unparalleled splendor is a good example. Few people go to the Grand Canyon and think, “I wish I was back in the office.”

While exercising, traveling or spending time with family, pause and reflect on the world around you. Take the time to appreciate the little things and keep this newfound gratitude in mind to stay motivated as you work on your business.

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Reset more than just your clock

Warm weather and longer days provide opportunities to improve both you and your business. If you put these tips into practice, you’ll do more than just reset your clock. You also reset yourself and form a new mindset that allows you to greet each day with a sense of possibility.

So give yourself a break. You may find that these ideas give you a new sense of purpose and make you a better businessupdates.org.

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